Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Hobby Table 2015 Edition, and Three Figures

I've recently made some changes to my painting and hobby area. I'll admit, I'm quite fortunate...I am able to dedicate a complete room to building and painting stuff. So, I've taken advantage of the situation, and have laid out the space in the following way.

Under the window is the main painting area. Airbrush station on the left, and brush painting area on the right. I have a computer handy to listen to podcasts or watch painting YouTube videos while working on projects.

The shelving on the left side of the room contains WIP projects (there is a pile of primed Tabletop World buildings, for instance) and the "bins of shame." The bins contain projects that I've started into, but haven't finished. However, whenever I get an itch to get back into one of these old projects, I have quick access to them.

On the right side of the room I've recently set up a couple of shelves for paint racks. For the past couple of years, I've had my paints stored in a stack of plastic bins. But finding the paint I wanted was always a that all the colours are out and arranged by hue, getting to the set I need for a particular project is a lot faster.

The racks are from Back 2 Base-ix, an organization down in Australia. They come flat-packed, but are pretty fast to assemble...recommended.

And now on to this week's painting projects. Three figures completed. The first two are a couple of Reaper flying lizard men.

I had completed a test figure last month, and just followed suit on the scheme with these guys.

Here are all three of them together.

I've also had this lone RPG elf wizard figure sitting around for some time. He was half-painted and waiting to be finished off.

 Object Source Lighting effort was not great, but gets the idea across.

Well, the airbrush is calling, so back to it.

'Til next time.


  1. Wow! I thought I had quite some paints but your collection is outstanding. Quite a well organised painting area also. Small wonder you produce such outstanding figures.

  2. My word, that's impressive. How much paint have you got??? I'm green with envy over your setup...

    1. Michael,
      The paints are from many different lines, and all have been transferred into dropper bottles (I like dropper bottles more than other you can tell).

  3. Now that setup looks good - I have a small room in the garage but it's so untidy and i really need to do something with it this year.
    Something to aspire to.
    Those figures are fantastic.

  4. What a fantastic setup Kevin. Does the airbrush not cause fumes? I've always been leery about using one in the house due to errant spurts or fumes.

    1. The airbrush doesn't really cause fumes, the only 'risk' is your face is typically about 18-24 inches away from acrylic paint being atomized and sprayed out, so you should probably be wearing some kind of ventilator or mask (even though acrylic based miniature paint is generally pretty safe).

    2. fumes from acrylic paint. I use a spray booth with a strong fan and replaceable filter material (you can see in photo), and have never had a problem spraying in the room. No smell, and as long as you spray into the booth with the fan on, no messy paint droplets drifting out into the room.

  5. Nice paint collection. Ive got most of the Reaper master series and think of buying more (specifically Vallejo's Air lines...) but have some concerns that I'm buying more than I can realistically use before they expire. What is the useful lifespan of a paint bottle? 2 years? 3? 4?

    1. Kickin123,
      I've got paint in dropper bottles that's 8 years old. Still workin' fine. Of course, that's not always the case. Certain brands conk out earlier than others. Foundry, Reaper, P3, old-type Citadel and Model Air all going strong.