Sunday, July 27, 2014

D&D 5th Edition and Some Ratmen

I got the role playing bug again. So as game ideas were swirling around in my head, I heard that Wizards was putting out yet another edition of Dungeons & Dragons (called D&D Next for some reason). Actually, getting a new edition of D&D out, after the twin disasters of 4th Ed and the rocketing popularity of Pathfinder, makes perfect sense. D&D was hemorrhaging market share. Better to admit your mistake and get a better version of the game out ASAP.

Anyway, I found the idea of dipping my toes back into D&D a little intriguing. I haven't played D&D since 1st edition AD&D over 30 years ago. There have been so many superior role playing games published since then. I wondered what the state of the D&D game was 30 years on...and the price was right. I picked up the new introductory boxed set for just $20.

To be honest, I was impressed with what I found. The core of D&D hasn't changed, so there is an archaic feel to it. Six stats, D20 rolls, different sized dice for hit points and weapon damage...all that sort of thing. However, as I read the rules, I could see that they were very much more streamlined and logical than old D&D used to be. And, from what I heard about 4th edition, this one is much less "video gamey."

I had my rules and the intro adventure (which is pretty good...taking characters from 1st to 5th level in the Forgotten Realms setting) spiral bound and re-covered. The box also comes with 5 pre-generated characters (these are actually really well done and serve as a good entry point for the game) and a set of dice.

I plan on running a few intro games of the boxed set adventure with some people in August and September, just to try out the rules and see if i can cobble a regular RPG group back together.

To kick things off on the hobby front, I painted up a set of Ratmen (GW Skaven from the Island of Blood set). I'll be able to use these for role playing and skirmish gaming with Song of Blades and Heroes.

Now I need to get some Warmachine pieces finished off...this stuff never ends!

'Til next time.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mirkwood Rangers

Last Christmas, I got a boxed set of Mirkwood Rangers (i.e. Wood Elves) from GW's Hobbit range. I was feeling a little OD'd on Warmachine, so I decided to knock these guys out this past week.

First of all, I know GW's Middle-earth range is in a smaller, more lifelike-proportioned "28mm" than their normal stuff...but these Elves seemed very small to me. Regardless, the sculpts were great, and the box of 10 figures contained no duplicates. Those two facts alone erased any misgivings I had about scale. 

Here are five of the figures assembled and based. Each figure was composed of two pieces...and the poses are very dynamic.

Some of the figures primed white.

Here, all the figures are primed, and each has been given a dark wash to pre-shade and pop out details to aid in the painting process.

Painting went backwards for me this time. I usually start with skin and work my way out on each figure. However, I wanted an overall green scheme on these Elves, and green...light green in particular...can be hard to brush paint. So I wanted to airbrush on the initial base coat. So...I masked off the faces, hair and hands with ticky-tac putty.

And then sprayed on a couple of shades of light green. I then removed the putty, which left the faces and hands ready for a good skin coat later in the process.

Before getting to the skin and hair (which I did last), I painted in the green cloth highlights, leather armor and some of the metal bits.

Finally, bows, arrows, knives, hands, faces and hair were completed...bases were finished off and the project was done.

'Til next time!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Warmachine Battle Report: Focus on Kromac

Last week, I had local Warmachine player, Josh Richter, over for a game. He brought his favorite Circle army, while I played some of my new Mercenaries. Here is the pre-game interview with Josh, along with the battle report.

I brought out my Bart/Galleon list, which, of course, featured Galleon.

Here was my Spiny Growth module. Wrong Eye, Snapjaw and Bullsnapper.

And a tarpit of Boomhowlers.

This was my armour de-buff crew: Ragman, the Lady and Holt.

Finally, this was the core of the Galleon's support crew, including a Vanguard, Dougal and the Tinker.

Josh led with Kromac's double-Stalker battlegroup.

Two units of Woldstalkers.

And two units of stones.

Hope you enjoy the battle report.

'Til next time.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Witch Coven Battle Report...and the Goblin Tinker!

So this month I have a new interview and battle report video blog post...this time with local player, Garnett Germain. Garnett brought out Witch Coven, so we talk about Cryx in general, and then the Witch Coven "Machine Minds" tier list in particular. For the battle report, I put up a Damiano list.

On the painting front, things have been slow recently. However, I have managed to finish off a great little model: the Goblin Tinker.

I really like the character of this figure.

He's essentially a repair bot, but he hauls around this neat little wagon full of spare parts.

He also carries around this wonderful stove on his back.

Anyway, a lot of fun to paint and a nice model to boot.

'Til next time.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lock & Load 2014 Convention Report

Last weekend I, along with about 30 other players from Alberta, went down to Seattle for Lock & Load 2014. Here is the video report for the convention.

Lots of games and good competitors. I got 12 games in over the course of the weekend.

First opponent in Masters was Cam Buskell, from Alberta. He was playing pButcher and had me on the ropes...but I was able to get off a last ditch assassination with one of Rhoven's Guards.

Second game was against Brook Murphy from Victoria. Another Menoth player. I played eFeora and managed to get his Harbinger on fire twice...but both times the flames went out. My caster went down to Redeemer shots.

Next I played Brett Vogel from Texas. Using an eKruger list, he quickly got Ghetorix into my face with a Hyperagressive, Telekinesis, Teleport and another Telekinesis. Dead pSeverius!

Then I faced Steve Rich from California. He was playing Lylyth3. We had a good battle, but he eventually ran out of time on the clock.

The Masters top 8 looked like this going into day 2. Two Canadians in the top 8, but unfortunately, none from Alberta.

In the Hardcore tournament, I was playing an eFeora list. My first opponent was Scott Summerville playing Absylonia. I was doing quite well, until a Forsaken got a 7-dice attack off against my 'caster. Well, that was the end of that game.

Next I got paired up against my good friend, Elliot Christian (eVlad). On his second turn, he engaged my line of 'jacks, and took one down. I counter-struck with three 'jacks, juiced up with triggered abilities and focus...and whiffed everything. Terrible luck. Oh, well...Elliot is a worthy opponent and deserved the win.

Then it was off to Iron Arena. I played Zach from Dallas. He had a Lucant list (and not the only time I'd face something like it during the weekend).

Next I had a game with Matt from Seattle. He had the new eReznik battle engine out. Sweet model.

I then had a match with Logan from California. Talk about a high-energy guy. He was also playing Lucant from Convergence.

On Sunday, I had a game with Birch Helander who had a Vlad3 tier list.

And then I played Alex Kosma who managed to get off a Morghoul assassination against me. I was happy with the game state at the 'jacks were laying waste to his beasts. Never mind.

At the end of the day, I had a game against another Skorne player: Joe from California. While I was getting beat up from most of the weekend, this game made me feel good for the plane ride back. He was playing Rasheth, and I had a tier 4 Mortenebra list on the table.

This was the final's not often you see 5 Cryx 'jacks at the end of a game standing next to an opposing 'caster.

As we were packing up to leave for the airport, the finals of the Iron Gauntlet worlds were in progress. Jay Larsen (in red) defeated Jason Watt to snag the world championship.

It was a fun time, and got to see plenty of old friends.

'Til next time.

Friday, May 30, 2014

MayDay Steamroller Report

Last weekend I ran the 2nd Annual MayDay Steamroller for Warmachine. It was a 50-point, 2-list event that provided local players a final opportunity to tune up their lists and play just before Lock & Load (June 6th down in Seattle).

Here's the video report...

The tournament was held up at Thunderground in St. Albert. Roy Kim generously donated the space for the day.

We had a battlegroup painting competition. Christian Lombardy took 3rd with a really nicely painted Cygnar battlegroup.

Tyler Webb took 2nd with a group that centres on a converted Stormwall.

And Elliot Christian took 1st, with a super well-executed Butcher 3 battlegroup featuring lots of nice hand-painted details.

We had a full house for the tourney (24 players), and everything went off without a hitch. Very fun day.

'Til next time.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Orin Midwinter: Assembly and Painting

I've been away on vacation for the last few weeks...but before I left I started up a small project: assembling and painting Orin Midwinter, a Warmachine Mercenary.

I've put the project up on a video blog here:

Here is the finished figure, painted up in Menoth colors.

A fun little project, and a nice miniature with good animation in the sculpt.

'Til next time.