Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Lizardmen Get Resurrected

I haven't done anything with my Warhammer Lizardmen army for years. However, with the release of the Lizard army for Kings of War 2nd Ed, it's time to start thinking about them again.

I have a couple of KoW games set up over the next few weeks, so I need some new units to round out my army list.

The insanity starts once again with this 16-man infantry unit.

And a hero on a Carnosaur...or as it's known in KoW, a Rhinosaur. Whatever...

I had done the mount some months ago, but I just finished up the rider today.

Finally, for this week, there's a hero on foot, with a few extra GW bits attached.

And one final view.

Now, on to a stack of new models...

'Til next time.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Umber Hulk!

Time for some word association. When I pair up "1970s" and "D&D Monster," some classics immediately spring to my mind. Gelatinous Cube...Carrion Crawler...and Umber Hulk.

Well, it was a trip down memory lane when I busted open another of Gale Force 9's limited run D&D resin models. Time for the Umber Hulk.

This kit was a real treat. Very interesting subject. Totally off the beaten path. And a dream to put together. So easy, and a clean cast as well.

I've really become a fan of the Gale Force 9 models. Can't recommend them enough to the hobbiest, painter and/or D&D player.  Paint-wise, I gave this guy the lobster treatment.

I've got a couple more of these Gale Force 9 models in the pile. I've loved each and every one I've assembled and painted. Can't wait for the next one.

'Til next time.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

10mm Sci-Fi from Hawk Miniatures

I ordered some of the very fine 10mm vehicles from Hawk Games for Dropzone Commander. Love the detail in the models. Nice designs too.

The camo was very straightforward to apply (if just a little time consuming). First, I sprayed down a few tones of the base color.

Then, I applied a liberal amount of putty and sprayed a few green tones.

Remove putty, and presto!

After that, I gloss-coated, applied a weathering wash, dull-coated, drybrushed on some dust and brush-painted in the final details. Textured and painted the bases, and that was that.

Six new 10mm vehicles, which include some pretty sweet mobile missile launchers.

'Til next time.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy 2016: Calth Ultramarines Done

Happy New Year, everyone. I've celebrated the arrival of 2016 by completing the last four figures required to finish the Calth boxed set Ultramarines force.

Again, these figures take an extraordinarily long time to paint. But happily, they're now done.

And here is the force, all together now. Fortunately, the effort pays's a fine-looking force that I'll be happy to play Calth with.

Now, time to start into something new...

'Til next time.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Some 10mm Sci-Fi

I'm back on the 1/144 scale sci-fi bandwagon. So, I ordered a few packs of Reaper CAV vehicles to paint up.

The models are nice, and painting was very straightforward. Masks were done with putty.

Here are the finished vehicles. Looking forward to doing some more of these.

'Til next time.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Dragon Turtle

Another unique monster miniature from Reaper. This one is the "Tortoise Dragon," which in reality is just Reaper's way of saying Dragon Turtle...a high-level D&D aquatic staple.

The challenge for this figure was trying to find a base that accommodated its sprawling gait. I wound up using a War of the Ring cavalry base with the depressions filled in with cork.

When all was done, I was really happy with the base (I wanted a sandy beach), and the figure painted up really nice.

I used a little Painted Turtle inspiration for the shell painting.

Holidays are coming up fast...time to get a few more projects underway!

'Til next time.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

30K Terminators

The Betrayal At Calth project continues. This time around, I've finished off the five Terminators and Leader figure for the Ultramarines force.

Holy crap...these guys took a lot of effort...and more than the end result would suggest. All the figures are OK, except that I really struggled with the white leather dangly bits. Got to figure out a better way of doing those for next time around.

'Til next time.