Sunday, May 2, 2010

MayDay 2010

MayDay is our local Edmonton annual wargames convention. Originally organized by EWG guru, Bob Barnetson about 5 years ago, this year's game day was put together by Craig Blackmore. There were several well-attended games running throughout the day.

I ran two games. The first was the Carentan scenario I've been working on for the last couple of months. Here, American player Terry (left) and German players Jonathan and son Matthew pose for a shot over the game table.

The Americans made it to the German main line of resistance quite handily, however, at that point things started to go very poorly for the Screaming Eagles. Against pinned Germans in the rubble across the street, the Americans launched three assaults into close combat. Remarkably, they were unable to win a single engagement. The American strength was pretty much sapped at that point and the Terry was unable to get into the town. A convincing German win.

I also ran a game of Warbirds in Miniature, a WWII air game in 1/144 scale. Six players participated. This was an American B-17 bomber raid on Berlin. As referee, I ran the bomber stream, while three German players flew FW-190s and three American players engaged with P-51s.

In this shot, you can see the tiny fighters darting over the bomber formation.

The well-organized German team bypassed the American fighters, flew over top of the bombers and dove in on the rear of the formation.

The results were spectacular. While the Focke-Wulfs took devastating defensive fire from the bombers, the American formation was ravaged. Seven of fifteen bombers that hit the table were shot down before reaching their target.

Thanks to Criag for running a fun convention day here in Edmonton!

Next up...a fair bit of WarMachine. 'Til next time.


  1. Wow fantastic tables Kevin. Wish i had something half as nice to game on!

  2. Mark,

    It was a fun game day. I think we're pretty fortunate in Edmonton to have such an active game community.