Friday, July 1, 2011

Middle-earth Denizens

Happy Canada Day!

So, that Middle-earth RPG I was running using the new Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd edition rules is still going strong (if somewhat intermittently). The group has four player characters. Scott plays Herdir, a Wood-elf archer currently in the Assassin career. Elliot is playing Addax, a Woodman fighter in the Swordmaster career. Casper is the Dwarf Kale, the group's heavily armored tank. He is in the Mercenary career. The latest party member is played by Chris, who has started a human Acolyte in order to give the group some badly needed healing support.

Every time we run a session, I try to get a new figure or two out on the table. This past week I finished off a new armored Troll.

He's a big fellow.

The campaign year is Forth Age 121, so some time after the War of the Ring. The players are currently helping Durin VII's efforts to retake Moria from the Goblins. They have most recently made it down to the 5th deep of Moria in an attempt to discover the location of the Goblin King's chamber. Well, they found it, and the encounter was hilarious.

Anyway, here is the Goblin King, also recently completed.

Here are some older figures also seeing service in this campaign. A Troll chieftain.

I really like all of these GW sculpts. In metal, and great to work with.

Some time ago I painted up a schwack of undead. The group has run into these guys as well. Incorporeal opponents turn out to be pretty tough to deal with.

And here is a mix of Orc archers and swordsmen. Again, painted some time ago, but seeing service now.

'Til next time!


  1. Mmmm Trolls. When I first saw the WETA trolls I thought they were awesome. You've done a great paint job on these :)

  2. Very nice painting, I particularly like the trolls. Great choice of painting techniques, it suits these guys perfectly. And I totally agree with you here - GW's Lotr troll sculpts are excellent.

  3. I love the washed out look of the undead--what a great way to handle those amazing sculpts.


  4. They all look brilliant. I like how you've done the undead too. The single colour look was cool the first time I saw it, but I hadn't realised how boring I find it now. The extra colour you've used makes them much more interesting to look at.

    Regarding the setting - are you using something official, or homemade? Either way, do you have any more information about the history (and present) of the setting?

  5. Angelic Despot,

    The campaign background can be found on this blog. Check this link!


  6. excellent...the trolls really are great...and the undead army .....!!!!! Very nice painting