Sunday, September 11, 2011

Exemplar Errants WIP

Time to work on taking a big chunk out of the "finish this" pile.

The Knights Exemplar Errants from Menoth's Warmachine forces has gone from a *meh* unit in Mark I rules a few years back to an absolute powerhouse in Mark II play. With the Officer, Standard Bearer and Seneschal solo...and then run in an Epic Kreoss list, here is the incredible list of abilities they have:

1) Cannot be targeted by spells
2) Immune to continuous effects (e.g. fire, corrosion)
3) Ignore forests when tracing LOS, ignore target cover and concealment when shooting
4) Initial deployment is 6" forward
5) Immune to fear
6) An extra die on melee damage rolls
7) Crossbows are magic and ignore most defence and armor boosting effects
8) Ignore terrain-induced movement penalties
9) They can immediately shoot if they kill an enemy in melee
10) If one is killed, you can pick another unit model within 3" to remove from play instead

Here is the current (half-way) state of the paint jobs. The Menoth white has been sprayed. Cloth has been based with Foundation red, and a few pieces have been taken to the final orange color. Black menofix markings have been blocked in. And the first pass on base metal has been done.

Still to come: gold metal, final steel pass, finished cloth, menofix highlights, scabbards, wood on the crossbows, leather straps and bases. Hmmm, this project is still going to take a while to finish!

'Til next time.

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