Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Damiano Tier 4 Project: Part 10...'Jacks Away!

When I started this project, my Tier 4 list had Rocinante and 2 Mules. When I built the 'jacks, I decided to add in a Nomad as well, in order to provide a little bit of flexibility in list builds. Well now, some time later, all four 'jacks are finally off the painting table.

Picking up where I'd left them last time, I shaded in the panel lines and recesses with a dark brown wash.

I then applied an overall drybrush of off-white in order to pick up the panel edges and create a slightly dusty finish.

Next came the paint chip pass. I sponged on a mix of dark copper and dark brown, then went in with a brush and picked out silvered edge highlights.

As a final pass on each model, I added some accessories (two extra powder barrels and costume jewelry chain on this Mule, for example). I then applied some final dark washed to the cannon barrels and picked out the final highlights with more silver.

And that's it. Finished models.

Oh, added some grass to the base as well.

Final Rocinante.

Great 'jack with the Guard Dog ability to keep his 'caster safe.

Final Nomad.

And the last Mule.

Well, the end of the project is in sight. Just have to finish off the Riflemen, the last unit of cavalry, and, of course, Damiano.

'Til next time.

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