Friday, January 31, 2014

Heavy Gear...Northern Forces: Step-by-Step

Going through the Heavy Gear model lot I purchased from Jarrett a few weeks back, I counted 15 Northern forces gears. Well, no time like the present to build and paint these. First came construction. As I mentioned in my last post, these little models have a lot of parts, but once they're together, they're pretty cool. After cleaning the mould lines and flow gates, and assembling these are the 15 models. They represent 3 Headhunters, 10 Hunters and 2 Grizzlies. 

I like to base models before priming.

Primed black.

The first spray layer was German Dark Yellow. It was a fairly heavy overspray, but bits of black can still be found in the deep recesses.

The next paint layer was a down-spray of Sand.

As I did with the Southern Gears last week, I laid down a fairly heavy wash at this point. I used Vallejo Sepia.

Next came the highlighting pass, which was done with a mix of Sand and White.

The next step was once again quite time-intensive. I did a specular highlight pass with a small brush, and then added in the green accent pass. Guns and engines also got a coat of Reaper Blackened Steel. Then I applied a heavy spray of floor wax, followed by decal application.

Finally, the models got a sealing spray of Testors Dullcoat, the metal was highlighted with GW Chainmail and the bases were finished off. 15 new Gears! Yay! Now to come up with a rule set for these models that's worth a damn.

Another event this week was a session of Elliot's Iron Kingdoms Role Playing Game. Playing were Lee, Casper and myself. It was an interesting session...we found a mechanism that allowed Casper to transfer is Ogryn's soul and mind into a Warjack. Seeing as Casper's character is a 'jack marshal, we're looking forward to seeing a 'jack marshalling another 'jack!

'Til next time!

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