Saturday, October 31, 2015

Just In Time For Halloween

Earlier this year, I ordered up a set of SAGA Revenants. I enjoy SAGA, and the thought of a bit of a fantasy expansion to that Dark Ages game seemed pretty compelling. Well, the figures are by Gripping Beast. Now, I'm not a fan of Gripping Beast sculpts, but I was willing to give them another try. 

The set came with 2 groups of 24 zombies (each group a unique set of sculpts), 2 spawning points and a Necromancer figure. Well, I still don't like Gripping Beast (sloppy sculpts), but having painted half a full set, I do now have A LOT of zombie figures. And the Necromancer figure is actually pretty good. Might use it in Frostgrave. Certainly everything is usable in D&D.

I also painted up a Gale Force 9 limited run figure from their Princes of the Apocalypse line.

This is a really nice miniature, which I'm using as an angel NPC.

We had our Halloween D&D game this past week, and happily, the girls came in costume. Come on, guys, you gotta pick up your game!

Possibly the best photo ever taken. Seana plays a male Dwarf cleric, and nailed her costume with a custom-painted war hammer.

'Til next time.


  1. Those revenants look great! Seeing your spawn points makes me wish I'd picked up the full set rather than just a blister of zombies at Salute...