Saturday, November 21, 2015

Four Elemental Myrmidons

I'm impressed with the new Gale Force 9 line of D&D figures. I painted the Hill Giant a few months back, so I thought I'd try some of their Elemental Myrmidons.

These four limited run figures each come cast in a plastic resin. The material holds great detail with very few (if any) air bubbles. Each figure averages about 8 parts, which fit together quite nicely. A little putty was required on the Water and Air elementals, but that was about it.

Here, the figures are assembled, primed and inked.

I started with the body colors on each figure. These were all sprayed on in layers. Additionally, the Water and Earth Elementals got a blue and umber wash, respectively.

After the bodies and bases were finalized, each figure only required its armor and weapons to be painted. Pretty easy project, overall.

The air elemental armor was kept very light in color, to stay in the air cloud theme.

After spraying flat, I went back in an drybrushed some more light silver over the armor.

A put a little rust on the Earth Elemental's armor, and finished up with a flat clear coat.

The weapon is a boulder held within the roots of the tree trunk.

By far my favorite figure of this group is the Water Elemental. The sculpt is outrageously good, with plenty of detail. The water was moulded nicely as well. I put a faint blue glaze over the armor.

The miniature was finished with a gloss coat to keep it watery-looking.

Fire is really tough to paint and get close-to-right. I was pretty happy with how this turned out.

The fiery body was juxtaposed with a blackened armor shell and two scimitars.

Well, I'm still a believer in the Gale Force 9 figures. Haven't been disappointed yet.

'Til next time.


  1. they look excellent, especially the water elemental

  2. Hi, these look really nice, what size are they and the bases they are on?

    1. 28mm size compatibility. But they are large. Base sizes are about 50mm.