Saturday, July 22, 2017

40K Objective Markers

Spent the week working on objective markers for 40K.

The first one was this simple but effective model from the Sector Imperialis Objectives box: the Cognition Shrine.

Then, the Exterminates Device.

The Orbital Vox Array.

The Xenos Stasis-crypt. I like that this came with clear plastic to represent the container.

The Lucius Pattern Escape Pod (nice interior detail on this one).

A munition dump.

And finally, this tank turret from the heroic bases set. I spent the most time on this one.

Loved working on the weathering. Got to do rust, mud splatters, paint chips and more.

'Til next time.


  1. Amazing job as usual. MY favourite is the Cognition Shrine. The screens are simply perfect.

  2. Fantastic stuff Kevin! Are the objectives all part of a box kit?

  3. Terry, they come from three different sets, but most bits are from the Objective Markers box.