Monday, July 12, 2010

Terrain in Gray

The 40 tanks of the Kursk project are still being worked on...I've got the shading pass in and about 15 of them have their decals on. It's tedious work, and my attention is wandering. In a fit to get something finished, I knocked off a couple of GW terrain projects and started a third.

This is the Osgilliath Ruins set for Lord of the Rings. Easy to assemble and very interesting looking ruins terrain.

This is the Arcane Ruins set for Warhammer. There was a fair bit of customization that could be built into this set. The challenge was that every major piece had some nasty gluing gaps that needed to be filled with putty and sanded down. Otherwise, I like the result.

In the background is the GW Fortified Manor set, which is assembled and is about half-way painted.

'Til next time.


  1. Nice looking stuff. I've always liked the effect of some brown and tan 'splashed' up on the bottom of such pieces to represent dirt, soil, etc. staining the stone from rain storms. I'm not sure how people apply it, maybe stippling with a knackered brush or maybe dry-brushing.

  2. Allan,

    Good idea...I'm going to try that!


  3. Nice. I saw another fellow do the Osigilliath ruins and he commented that the lack of rubble was troubling (he was looking for advice on adding in some debris).

    My first reaction was that he was right but then I think of the few ruins I have seen and much of the debris from the collapse has been carted off for other uses so I think you are right to leave these as is. Nice job on the painting.

    I know GW is all about the skulls and these are for fantasy. But the danged things would be more useful without the freaking skulls everywhere! I guess in the scheme of things, catering to historical gamers is not on GW's radar. Awesome job on the painting--the temple rocks!

  4. Bob,

    I think these sets would be great for your new Roman Centaurs. I almost fell out of my chair when I saw those!

  5. Looking great. I totally want to get one of those fortified manors. What I'd REALLY like to do is build one of the amazing towers or wizard towers from the new rulebook...but that's probably out of my league in terms of construction.

    For adding some mud or lichen staining to the walls or pillars: airbrush is completely perfect for that.

    You did a superb job hiding the joints/gaps in the arcane ruins pillars. What sort of putty do you use for that purpose?

  6. Minijunkie (Jarret!)

    For filling gaps, I use a 20-year-old tube of Squadron "greenstuff" putty. Believe it or not, to soften it up, I mix it with a little KY jelly (commence jokes now). After the putty dries, I wet-file it, which gets the joint nice a smooth. Let dry and paint.

    Indeed, I did use the airbrush for this terrain...and I will weather with it as well!

  7. What sort of weird accident (cue awful visions in my head) resulted in you knowing that KY would soften old putty? Oh God, I wish you hadn't shared that :).

  8. Bob...

    Blame the interwebs! I was watching an instructional video on manipulating 2-part resin putty, and the guy suggested keeping it workable with water or KY...well...there it is! I gave it a try with Squadron Greenstuff, and it works.

    Now, really...KY softening old putty...really, did you have to work that into your message?!? LOL

  9. I figured that was better than discussing filling in cracks or noting how KY tends to harden things around here rather than soften them.