Sunday, July 18, 2010

Warhammer...Let the Insanity Begin

Many years ago, I swore I would never get sucked into the Games Workshop money machines, Warhammer Fantasy Battles and 40K. I had looked at the various editions of the rules as they were coming out...the list of problems were endless: obsolete armies; over-powered units; unclear, convoluted rules; terribly over-priced miniatures; etc, etc.

I've always enjoyed the GW one-off games...Talisman, Battlefleet Gothic, Space Hulk, War of the Ring, Warhammer Ancient Battles and so on. But I always felt that the flagship games (WFB and 40K) were purposely released with poor rules in order to generate further editions, endless revisions and as a result, more company revenue at the expense of the player base.

Warhammer 8th edition. My eyes rolled. Again, I started my research. And then a was looking to be a set of really good rules. It was time to take a step off the cliff. Last week, on July 10th, the behemoth landed.

Now, with my birthday landing on the 17th, a week after the rules release, I knew that the opportunity was there to dive into the game. I asked my wonderful and very patient wife for a starting army. But which one would it be?

I looked at all the army options and liked the aesthetic of the Lizardmen. Tough line infantry and strong magic users...sold! My birthday arrived and so did a shwack of Warhammer Lizard goodness as well as a Skull Temple for good measure.

The weather was nice yesterday so I took the battalion box out onto the back patio and started straight into the Saurus Warriors unit.

The lizards are going together fast, so I may post another update this evening.


  1. Happy birthday! But dude, Warhammer? Did the battalion box come with an inhaler? Sweet Jesus! Oh well, at least you have the skills to make this look awesome.

  2. Color me impressed. It's true GW does tend to be a bit manipulative to sell models, but honestly if you remain aware of it you can keep things under control money-wise I think. Granted, I dont personally keep in under control but that's a choice :D

    I never found the rules for 7th edition appealing - they seemed confusing, slow, convoluted, and un-fun. Having played last night there was very little confusion or vagueness (maybe a little but we worked it out quickly) and more importantly it was very very fun. Much more fun than WOTR, which I actually found pretty enjoyable until the rules problems wrecked it for us. I dont think the same will happen with WFB - it's had more time in the oven.

    Lizardmen are an awesome army, I'm excited to see what you do with them painting-wise. I was going to say "make sure you get a Slaan" but I see you have one in the photo :) Robin's was very scary, you can read a bit about our first battle last night on our blog.

    Honestly, unless something changes the first game and all the reading I've been doing in the last few weeks is leading me to think I will focus heavily on WFB in the coming months. The new starter box models are on display at GW now (Kingsway) and they are HOT - the high elves might be another army I start!

    Look forward to getting in a game :) Get paintin'!

    - Jarrett

  3. Welcome to the Dark Side. I too have been thinking WFB and dusting off or revamping old long unused square based models...

  4. Dude! Warhammer?!?!? Really? Well at least new minis are readily accessible.