Saturday, February 12, 2011

More Goblins

This past week was all about the Goblins. These are GW War of the Ring figures. The first two are from the Goblin Captains metal blister. One bow, one sword. The sculptor used the same doll for both figs...too bad. A little variety in posing would have been nice.

However, the figures are perfectly fine and painted up quick.

Next I moved on to the Moria Goblin plastic boxed set. There are 24 figures in this pack, 8 swords, 8 pikes and 8 bow. I started with the swords. Besides the usual GW metallic paint-work, their scraps of clothing were painted with Foundry Rawhide.

All of these figs got a workout in our Middle-earth RPG game this past week, and were promptly disposed of by the bloodthirsty players.

I think there will be some Legion Stalkers up this week for Hordes.

'Til next time.


  1. I had these and tried to paint them up....failure :-(
    You´ve done a grand job on them

  2. NIce stuff! Do you find the plastic GW figures a bit smaller than the metals? I think they work well together (goblins aren't made on an assembly line to spec, you know)but always wondered about this.

  3. Bob,
    Indeed, the plastics are a bit smaller than the metals...but I use the metals as heroic individuals, while the plastics are just it feels right. And they do work just find together because the relative proportioning of body parts is consistent.

    Thanks for the comment!