Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cryx Battlebox

I started into Cryx a few weeks back when I tried my hand at a new weathering technique and worked up the Slayer Helljack. This week it was time to knock off the Bonejacks and Warcaster from the Cryx Battlebox (old metal edition).

Here is Deneghra, the Cryx 'caster. Pretty much used the same color scheme as the 'jacks...Cryx Bane base and highlight, and rusted up and weathered the armor

The Defiler Bonejack.

Another view.

One of two Deathrippers that come in the Battlebox.

Here are the WIP shots for the Deathripper. First is the black base coat.

Cryx Bane base and highlight overspray (with a little light gray underneath the last layer to lighten it up).

First weathering pass with MIGS rust wash, grease wash, dust and mud pigments.

Next came the metal (Vallejo Bronze), bone (Foundry Boneyard) and necrotic green (using the method from the Cryx sourcebook...essentially white inked over with yellow and green).

Basing material is standard sand and glue, with a small stone added.

And now finished up with scenic base painting, silver scratches, washes and highlights on the metal plates, and a bit more rust added. Done!

I've got a couple of new projects on the table for this upcoming week, including Menoth Bastions and Legion Striders (oh, and a couple of more Goblins). We'll see what happens over the next few days. Enjoy the Superbowl tomorrow!

'Til next time.


  1. Nicely done! Im working on a corroded brass theme with mine, its working out alright so far :)

  2. What are you using for the corrosion? Paint or pigment?

  3. Lovely! How do you like using the dust/dry pigment? I've been hesitant to try them.

  4. Gene,
    I find them to be a lot of fun to use and experiment with. Put some rubbing alcohol in a mixing tray. Add a little pigment...create a "wash". Slop it on you model, and as it dries (quickly), you can see the effect you're producing. If you don't like it or want to tone it down, take a small sponge a rub away what you don't want. In the end, seal with a dullcoat spray and you're done.

  5. Loving the rust on these chaps. I never got mine to this sort of standard. Excellent work! I have some shots of my Goreshade here: (My fav caster).

  6. the Goreshade model. Thanks for the link.

  7. Hi, sorry for the threadomancy, just wanted to tell you that these must be the best Cryx I have ever seen.