Monday, February 20, 2012

Cryx Ogrun

Hello All. Happy Family Day, or President's Day, or which ever holiday (if you are lucky) you're celebrating this Monday.

This past week I spent time working on a few ogres from the Cryx Warmachine faction.

First off, we have the Ogrun Bokur. This is a mercenary character who will work for Cryx. He's essentially a Warcaster bodyguard. I painted his armor plates in pretty standard mercenary olive, and then spiced things up with a good splattering of blood. For all the ogre skin, I used that Reaper Olive Skin series that looks terrible on human figures...but seems to be OK for monsters.

I really like the Bokur figure. Very chunky, and fun to paint.

Next up we have a minion character, Gudrun the Wanderer. This is one of the few minions who will work for Cryx. I got this figure from Elliot for Christmas. Thanks Elliot! I was pretty happy to get this guy painted, since I have so many Christmas gifts from years past that have yet to see a paint brush.

Gudrun's schtick is that he get's drunk and can feign death, thus being able to avoid a number of attack types. In addition, you essentially have to kill him twice to get him off the table.

Finally, we have Gerlak Slaughterborn. Worst of the three sculpts, in my opinion, but probably the one I'd most want to play. This Cryx solo has Killing Spree, one of the game's best infantry-clearing abilities. When he kills a figure, he can move an inch and attack again. It apparently is not unheard of for Gerlak to wade through an entire enemy infantry unit in one activation.

Can't wait to see if that's true!

I'm enjoying the Warmachine Year Long League I joined up in St. Albert, being run out of the Thunderground game store. If my count is right, I have logged 13 league games so far this month, and I'm having a lot of success with my Moretenebra list. She is...awesome. Anyway, on to more Cryx 'Jacks, I think.

'Til next time.


  1. Wow, those are splendid! As much as I'm not fully sold on Warmachine/Hordes, these models really make a good argument in PP's favor, both in design and your painting. I'd love some feedback on my creations if I could bother you. Just follow my Google profile to find my blog.

  2. You are very good at your craft. Some of the nicest work I've ever seen. This is art.