Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thyra and Friends

I'm geared up to dig into more Cryx, but this week I was waiting for some models to show up in the mail. While waiting, I decided to finish off some Menoth models I was looking forward to painting.

First, we have the new 'caster, Thyra.

Finally, a Menoth 'caser that can give her troops stealth. Go Errants!

This is Thyra's solo friend, Nicia.

Double melee strikes and a ranged attack...awesome.

I also had a couple of mercenaries that work for Menoth that I wanted to finish. Here is Madelyn Corbeau (3" movement boost) and Anastasia Di Bray (Ambush/Espionage/Intelligence combo...very strong support piece).

I also did a quick base-coating spray job for Scott Cairns' Trollblood Mauler. From here, Scott can paint in whatever details he likes to get this heavy warbeast table-ready.

OK, Cryx on the table now, so photos and a step-by-step next week.

'Til next time.