Sunday, February 8, 2015

Beholder and Wraiths

This week was all about knocking a few role-playing monsters out. First, a Beholder/Eye Tyrant thing.

There are lots of different Beholder models from many different manufacturers. All with different sizes, number of eyes and so on. I'm not an Eye Tyrant ecology I'm not sure where this Reaper figure fits into the hierarchy. Nevertheless, the model was quite big...about twice as massive as a normal 28mm figure. The base was textured with greenstuff.

Looks like a need a floating skull for the adventure I'm running. Honestly, probably the easiest and quickest model I've ever painted! I also painted a couple of quick Wraiths at the same time. The one on the left is a Middle-earth Ringwraith from GW. The other one is an old Mithril miniature from Prince August in Europe.

Finally, a Drow elf.

Not a fan of this Reaper sculpt...the face is too small for my liking. Regardless, it painted up pretty fast.

'Til next time.


  1. Beauty really is in the eye of beholder. Sweet work, Kevin.

  2. Great job. The Beholder almost knocked me out of my office chair by its exceptionally fine paint work; and that spun my imagination off into all sorts of scenarios with this character as the lead role player.

  3. Marvellous work on the Beholder! I've got one lurking in the paint queue and if it turns out half as well as yours I'll be very happy indeed...