Friday, August 17, 2012

GenCon 2012 Day 2

Friday morning, and GenCon is getting into full swing. The main gaming hall is filling up!

I walked through the dealers area for a few minutes and had a nerdgasm. Holy shit, how could I ever explain buying this gaming table to my wife?

OK, onto the games. I entered my 3rd Warmachine Masters qualifier today. First opponent was Sean Whitten, who played Retribution. He brought out their melee 'caster, Garreth. He slipped away from my forward units and got into my backfield for an assassination run. He pulled up short and was quickly killed. Day started out good.

Second opponent was Alex Lau from NYC. Good guy who brought out epic Sorcha. Unfortunately, he kill-boxed himself, and handed me my second victory of the day.

OK...third match. Ever had an opponent who made you question why you even bothered playing your favorite game? Weird...I've locked horns with so many great guys so far at GenCon. Nice players who enjoy the game and friendly competition. Then there's Matthew Flager. Oh well. I lost to the death clock. Really want to avoid opponents like this in the future. Maybe Kromac does something to people.

Final game of today's tournament was with Shane Philippi. He played a nasty Skorne Zaal army. In the end we were both ground down to a few final pieces, but he won on objective points. Very good game.

Well, tomorrow, I'm going to spend some quality time in the dealer's area and maybe get in a few Iron Arena matches.

'Til next time.


  1. I'm curious about what made Flager so unpleasant to play against - details? :)

  2. Therein lies the crux of conventions. You can meet & network with a lot of great people. But there is always that one 'person' who can spoil it all.

    Keep the good vibrations Kevin! I long for the time I get to go to another Gen Con!

  3. You sir, are a warmachine, I would be dead on my feet after the gaming you have done. I'll expect to see that table in your basement (but don't ask me to help you move it).

  4. Oh I almost forgot, say Hi to the Red Shirts when you see them for me please.