Saturday, August 4, 2012


OK, hope everyone is having a great summer. The weather here has finally become consistently nice...yay for sun and heat!

So, I've had the Terminus box sitting in the closet for well over a year. It was time to bust him out and paint him up. As I was assembling him, I quickly came to realize that this was likely the most visually confusing, poorly sculpted and horribly cast models put out by Privateer. That it actually builds up into something pretty impressive is surprising. I like the end result.

I started with the airbrush and laid down some base colors. There are essentially two main areas of the model...the wings and the body.

I started by painting the wings. Over the airbrushed colors, I drybrushed on some light tans and orange-browns. I then went in and put a brown wash over everything. Done.

I then went on to the body, which got the standard rust and dust treatment. To break things up a bit, this sculpt included a little bit of clothing over the upper arms. This was a good opportunity to break up the big block of rust we'd otherwise be looking at.

As I was painting Terminus, it struck me how similar the design elements of the model are mirrored in Legion's Epic Thagrosh warlock. So, here's my Thagrosh figure. Between the two there is no contest...the Thagrosh model is superior in every way. Well sculpted, finely cast and the pose is just flat out better.

A few more views of finished Terminus.

In the end you get a fairly nice, imposing model.

'Til next time.

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