Sunday, August 19, 2012

GenCon 2012 Day 4

All good things must come to an end. Last day at GenCon started with the final Warmachine Midnight Madness event, a single list 25-point speed-caster-kill tournament. I played an eSkarre list with Deathjack, Nightmare and some Satyxis Raiders.

My first opponent was Robert Grant (sorry for the poor quality photo...everthing is blurry at this time of night). He was playing Retribution and unfortunately kill-boxed himself 5 minutes into the game. Win #1.

I took a quick walk around the site at 1:00 AM to try and clear my head. But I think I was still hallucinating. I thought I saw a white dog in pants.

...oh, wait...

Round 2. My opponent is Cory Hockman. Super good guy playing a Cygnar army with Stryker, cavalry and gun mages. This game went cock-eyed when Gorman black-oiled my Deathjack...for three straight turns. I lost on scenario points. Bummer.

Round 3. It's getting late. I play Chris Pratt, who has another Cygnar army, this time with epic Haley. I had my shit together this game, though, and got through her feat turn. Nightmare admonished past some infantry, had a charge lane on Haley, and beat the snot out of her. Quick assassination. Win #2.

Final opponent of the night/morning. This was David Koske from New England. He was playing a tight Trollblood army with epic Doomshaper and three heavy warbeasts. I followed his first game in the tournament and saw how devastating Mulg that became my primary target. I raced up the board, feated early and forced him to turtle. I then charged my two 'jacks into his beasts, killing Mulg and heavily damaging the other two. In the end I had a quick win on control points, and the tournament was over.

And finally, a little plaque to commemorate the weekend of Warmachine madness. I took 3rd in the tournament and was happy. Off to sleep.

Final walk around the dealer's area. I was really struck by the number of costume shops. Way more than I've ever seen at past GenCons.

At the Privateer booth, the studio painter was putting the finishing touches on the upcoming Judicator model. This figure looks way better than the concept art. Can't wait to do one for my Menoth army.

Well, that's it. Back to the real world. Thanks for following these blog posts...hope they gave you a little peak into the Con and the Warmachine tournament scene.

'Til next time.


  1. Wow, dude you must be gassed. I don't think I could survive it- you should get a medal for that alone!

    Great posts, very entertaining for us back here in the real world. Thanks for sharing the experience with us! And bravo on your gameplay and sportsmanship!

  2. Looks like a ton of fun and congrats on third place. I'm still interested in hearing about that one opponent from yesterday (facebook message?). Mostly curiosity. Also, what does "kill boxed" mean?

  3. Jarrett,
    In some scenarios, if you end a turn with your 'caster within 10" of your map edge, you auto-lose the game. The scenario condition is called kill box.