Sunday, March 22, 2015

Cavern Worm and Dungeon Furniture

I've been away for the past few not so many blog updates this month. Never mind...the hobby table remains busy. Off the table this week is Reaper's Cavern Worm. 

I saw a painting tutorial for a purple worm on YouTube a while back, and thought I should add some sort of burrowing monster to the RPG stable.

I found this figure on the peg-board of the LGS and picked it up. Nice sculpt and an interesting subject.

 For colors, I wanted to get something that was rock-like while still feeling fleshy. Combining blue-grey with some soft purple and pink tones seemed to work nicely. An overall winner.

 A few other simple pieces came out this week as well. Including a sarcophagus and a mystical archway, both from Reaper.

The lid of the sarcophagus comes off...and there's a nice skeleton on the inside. Cool.

'TIl next time.