Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Busy Hobby Table...

...but not much getting finished.

I think most of us run into this phenomenon: Lots of projects started, but not much coming off the table. I'm in the middle of that right now. Here's the current state of affairs...

In the last couple of weeks, I've started a lot of new projects...mostly to support new games and armies I want to get underway. First off is an expansion project for my Kings of War Lizardmen. There is a unit called Hero on Winged Fire Drake (or something like that). This, of course, requires a Winged Fire Drake that can take a hero figure on his back. I found one in the Reaper catalog, and started the build. I have a Lizarman figure for this (unpainted, of course), and just need to build his flight seat.

Also for the Lizardman army expansion, I have a flight of three Ripperdactyls. Painting is underway, but these guys are still a long way from being finished.

Speaking of which, same can be said for this second group of Lizardman cavalry. Half painted...but when will they get finished?!?

Next up is a new (big) painting project. My second Kings of War army is going to be a Middle-earth-themed Undead army. I have a lot of the figures for this collected, and ready to go. The larger pieces are currently on the table. Starting with "Revenant King on Flying Wyrm," which in Middle-earth terms equates to Nazgul on Fell Beast. Here's the Fell Beast, assembled and awaiting attention.

And then there are the army's other two captains. One: "Vampire on Undead Dragon," otherwise known as a Balrog. Two: "Liche King," or as I like to call him, Sauron as the Necromancer.

On the role-playing front, a number of new projects. First, this Reaper Frost Giant figure. Half-painted, of course. Skin and hair done. Looking to paint the clothing now.

Then there is this awesome Behir figure from Gale Force 9. Half-painted. Again. Love the detail in this guy's sculpt.

And from the makers of Frostgrave, I have 10 cultists on the table. Weird. Half-painted. Jeeze...they've already been used in a game. They need to get finished off!

Another project on the go is a set of damage markers for Kings of War.

I settled on these turning disks for damage markers, and bought the type with blank tops in order to do some customization and create little casualty dioramas. I'm going to start with shields, helms and discarded weapons. But, of course, that requires me to paint these accessories in order to get finished. Not surprisingly...not done yet.

Well, it's no time to get depressed about hobby table projects that aren't getting done. Happily, stuff that is done is being well-used on a regular basis. Last week we had a D&D game, and the Viking longboat got trotted out...

...along with a goodly chunk of model buildings and civilian figures. It felt good to get this stuff on the game table.

In addition, I'm starting to get more Kings of War games in. Here, my Lizarmen are doing battle with Tom Carter's Orcs.

So, doing blog reports turn out to be just another form of procrastination. Back to the painting table.

'Til next time.