Saturday, August 18, 2018

Deathwatch Figures for Kill Team

All right. Time to get some Kill Team on the game table.

My first set of models for KT is this group of Deathwatch figures. To get the black armor, I sprayed Oil Discharge (a dark blue-black) Ghost Tint over silver. Then a final coat of Nuln Oil was sprayed over top of that to darken it down. I picked shoulder pad options that kept the red-white-black theme going for the entire team.

The Deathwatch 5-man kit is perfect for putting together a 100-point Kill Team.

Sergeant with Multi-melta and Power Sword.

Black Shield with Power Maul.

Veteran with Deathwatch Shotgun.

Veteran Gunner with Heavy Bolter and Flamer.

And another Veteran Gunner with Frag Cannon.

Next, I have to get some terrain finalized.

'Til next time.