Sunday, August 31, 2014

Scythean and Raek

Well, August turned out to be a pretty busy month on the hobby table. Here are a couple of Legion of Everblight warbeasts for Hordes. These are my entries into the Edmonton "Tales of Warmachine Painters" painting challenge for this month.

First up is a Scythean.

I airbrushed on the skin striped scheme, and then hand-painted the metallic chitin, claws and teeth.

This is a Raek, which, like all my Legion beasts, juxtaposes skin and organic-metal components.

And the two of them together.

'Til next time.

Friday, August 29, 2014

A Few More RPG Figures

A painted up a few more RPG models this week. This first one is a henchman that came from one of the Reaper Townsfolk packs.

Great sculpt. Easy to paint because of the deep relief on the figure.

Then there was this weird pack of "hobgoblins," which must be Reaper code for "big figures in lots of armor." I didn't put much detail into these monster figures...they shouldn't ever be sticking around on the table for very long.

This is an old RAFM Cthulhu monster fig. Painted it (by just staining with wash and highlighting with some green paint) in half an hour. Not too much effort and it shows! Who cares!

'Til next time.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

28mm Wolves

I recently ordered up a 3-pack of wolves from Reaper. Nice models...really like these guys.

I haven't painted dogs/wolves before, so I went straight to the internet and found some good source images. Here were the steps I used to paint a miniature inspired by this image:

The castings were really clean, so very little clean up. I mounted the wolf on a base and glued some sand down. After that dried, the figure got primed white, and then it got the usual dark wash treatment.

I painted up the base before moving onto the figure.

I started with a light golden brown.

Then added in the black patches.

I added a sepia wash, off-white dry brush, and finished the face/nose/mouth area.

And here was the finished wolf with the base flocked.

I then used this photo as a guideline for my second wolf...

...which is here.

And finally, I worked up a black wolf based on this image.

And here he is.


I liked each of these sculpts...good work, Reaper.

'Til next time.

D&D Player Characters

I'm running a couple of 5th edition D&D demos over the next month, so I wanted to get some RPG figures finished up and ready to go. I ordered up some Reaper figures from their various fantasy lines.  Started with seven minis, cleaned up, based and ready for priming,


Added a dark wash, then worked up the skin first.

After working on them on-and-off for about two weeks, I settled on the five I was going to finish off this weekend. And here they are...

A Dwarven cleric.

A human fighter.

A Halfling rogue.

An Elven wizard.

And a light fighter.

Really love the Reaper figures. Nice detail and castings are great. These five figures correspond to the pre-generated characters provided in the D&D 5th edition basic set. Well...close enough, anyway.

'Til next time.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mule Cart and Drovers

This week, I continued my work on an RPG project (intended for use with the new 5th edition D&D). To wit...a mule cart and three drovers.

This cart, along with the accompanying figures, all came from Gripping Beast. The cart came with a good selection of baggage...just haven't painted it up yet.

The models are pretty good, with just enough detail to make them table-worthy. And it's nice to have some peasants in the miniature collection. It's remarkable how many times you just want a few civilians on the game table and can't find anything appropriate. Anyway, these guys will do nicely.

Well, this model was fun, but it's time to get some good old-fashioned player character models off the painting table...

'Til next time.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Two Dead Horses

Hi all. Just a short update this week. I have a pretty big RPG painting project underway, but did manage to finish off two pieces this week...two dead/dying horses. Morbid, yes...but you need this sort of thing handy from time to time. I believe the sculpts are from Gripping Beast, but can't be sure...found them in the parts bin. 

They also make great cavalry casualty markers for some game systems.

'Til next time.