Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saurus, Skinks, Slann and...Terrain

First off...welcome to the new subscribers! I'm wondering if you got to this blog through

In any event, the Lizardman project continues. First off, the unit of Saurus Warriors from the battalion box is now complete.

The 12 Skink skirmishers from the box are also now done. I debated whether to do them all in different colors, but in the end decided that uniform painting would be quicker. After painting the shields green, I felt there wasn't enough interest in the color scheme, so I added the red-orange flash to their head crests.

Ah, the army general...every army needs one. This is the Slann Mage-Priest done in the same color scheme found on the box cover. I struggled with the correct shade of green all week, but finally nailed it down.

Finally, I had one final terrain set on the table waiting to finish up. It's the "Ruins of Middle-earth" set, or at least, the accessories from the set. The actual ruin walls are too thin to appear in scale with my other Middle-earth terrain. They are pretty much throw-away pieces. These bits are quite usable, however, so I was happy to finish them off. Like my other "gray terrain," this stuff is...gray.

Continuing on with the Lizardmen battalion box, I have the Temple Guard assembled and ready for primer. I think I'll knock that off in the morning.

'Til next time.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Two posts in one day...well, it was a busy weekend!

So, I immediately dove into the Lizardmen battalion box and started assembling the Saurus Warriors unit. Here are four of the figs (command plus one spearman...umm, spearlizard).

I got the twenty-man unity assembled, based and primed. Shields were kept separate until the end.

By this evening I had eight of the 20 completed. Pretty standard paint scheme for GW lizardmen, but I want to keep it simple for the first unit until I get used to the figs and the way they paint up.

Yes...the Kursk tank project has been shunted off to the sidelines once again, but I really want to get a WFB army painted and on the table for a game. Everyone says the new rules are great, and I want to find out for myself!

'Til next time.

Warhammer...Let the Insanity Begin

Many years ago, I swore I would never get sucked into the Games Workshop money machines, Warhammer Fantasy Battles and 40K. I had looked at the various editions of the rules as they were coming out...the list of problems were endless: obsolete armies; over-powered units; unclear, convoluted rules; terribly over-priced miniatures; etc, etc.

I've always enjoyed the GW one-off games...Talisman, Battlefleet Gothic, Space Hulk, War of the Ring, Warhammer Ancient Battles and so on. But I always felt that the flagship games (WFB and 40K) were purposely released with poor rules in order to generate further editions, endless revisions and as a result, more company revenue at the expense of the player base.

Warhammer 8th edition. My eyes rolled. Again, I started my research. And then a was looking to be a set of really good rules. It was time to take a step off the cliff. Last week, on July 10th, the behemoth landed.

Now, with my birthday landing on the 17th, a week after the rules release, I knew that the opportunity was there to dive into the game. I asked my wonderful and very patient wife for a starting army. But which one would it be?

I looked at all the army options and liked the aesthetic of the Lizardmen. Tough line infantry and strong magic users...sold! My birthday arrived and so did a shwack of Warhammer Lizard goodness as well as a Skull Temple for good measure.

The weather was nice yesterday so I took the battalion box out onto the back patio and started straight into the Saurus Warriors unit.

The lizards are going together fast, so I may post another update this evening.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fortified Manor

Woke up early this morning and decided to knock off the remaining detail painting to finish the GW Fortified Manor. If you're familiar with the set you know it has a lot of options to alter its appearance. I built it in a very conventional configuration...very few alterations to the standard appearance.

You can split the build apart in order to use the components as separate pieces. Here is the watch tower.

And the chapel.

'Til next time.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Terrain in Gray

The 40 tanks of the Kursk project are still being worked on...I've got the shading pass in and about 15 of them have their decals on. It's tedious work, and my attention is wandering. In a fit to get something finished, I knocked off a couple of GW terrain projects and started a third.

This is the Osgilliath Ruins set for Lord of the Rings. Easy to assemble and very interesting looking ruins terrain.

This is the Arcane Ruins set for Warhammer. There was a fair bit of customization that could be built into this set. The challenge was that every major piece had some nasty gluing gaps that needed to be filled with putty and sanded down. Otherwise, I like the result.

In the background is the GW Fortified Manor set, which is assembled and is about half-way painted.

'Til next time.