Sunday, May 26, 2019

40K Terrain Bits and Pieces

While I have not posted much so far this year, there have been plenty of projects underway on the hobby table. The biggest driver has been our group's 40K Urban Conquest campaign. There are 4 of us involved in an 8-stage campaign game that will see us through to the end of July. Getting tables set up for our campaign games has been my primary modelling and painting motivator for the last two months. 

Here are some Sector Frontieris ruins.

And many crates.

Did I mention the crates?

In my latest campaign scenario, I was allowed to bring one fortification. I selected the Imperial Bunker...which I acquired off of Ebay. Painted up very quickly.

This is an Imperial Quad Gun from the Aegis Defence Line set. Managed to glue the guns upside down! Good work, Kevin!

The Quad Gun (without base) also works with the Bunker. Sweet!

'Til next time.