Sunday, January 27, 2019

Primaris Master and a Pile of Late Christmas Gifts

This past week I needed to submit my army list for the LVO 2019. After putting together a new Dark Angels list, I realized I only needed to paint up one new figure. This is the promotional Primaris Captain figure, repurposed as a Primaris Master. 

He fits in nicely with the rest of the army.

So, two weeks ago, I got a message from a hobby friend in the city. He acquired nerve damage from a herniated disk that now prevents him from painting. He has been a big collector of GW products over the years...and a lot of stuff was just sitting in boxes in his basement. Well, he decided to get rid of it, and asked me to distribute everything to players in our local club.

Well, here's what the pile looked like...

And now, the recipients of his generosity!

Thanks to Preston Watamaniuk, for giving these local hobbyists and game players such great post-Christmas presents!

'Til next time.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Mummy Princess Bust

First project off the table in 2019 is this Mummy Princess Bust from Black Heart. It's the movie character from last year's disastrous Mummy film with Tom Cruise. 

I was looking for a quick change of pace after all the 40K and Shadespire painting I've been doing over the last year. 

Nothing too involved here...just some airbrush and brush work. Very straightforward, but a good "pallet cleanser" as we all move into the 2019 hobby season. 

'Til next time.