Saturday, October 29, 2016

UCM Ships for Dropfleet Commander

I've finished painting the UCM (United Colonies of Man) half of the Dropfleet 2-player boxed set. First off...nice models. Great sculpts and very fine castings in hard plastic. No complaints. The assembly went fine, although there are some small parts to keep track of while you're gluing stuff together.

The three cruisers (Moscow, Berlin and Seattle class) can be built as any of the game's cruiser you're left with plenty of spare bits that don't get used.

The four frigates (two Toulon and two New Orleans class) come from a sprue that will build any of the game's UCM frigates.

For reference purposes, you might want to know how the Dropfleet ships compare in size to other game systems. Here they are with a few ships from Firestorm Armada...

...and here with some ships from Battlefleet Gothic. As you can see, the miniature sizes in both cases are pretty much identical to those other game systems.

Well, now there is a decision to make. Continue building Dropfleet ships, or move over to Burning of Prospero...which just got released today. In either case, I'm ready to play some Dropfleet!

'Til next time.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Dropfleet Commander

OK, the next big project is something I've been waiting for since last year's kickstarter was announced. Dropfleet Commander from Hawk Games. I just picked up my copy for $135 from Thunderground in St Albert (thanks to Roy for bringing this in!).

Opening up the box, we see that it's packed.

Seven "human" fleet ships with game bases. The faction is called the UMC.

Seven "alien" fleet ships with game bases. The faction is called Scourge.

All the game junk. Holy crap. Maps, quick reference cards, base stickers, fleet rosters, game markers, stands, dice and a tape measure (nice touch).

The rulebook is 224 pages meaty. High production values.


...ship stats...

...fluff...and plenty more.

Looking forward to digging into this big project. Will be starting to build ships tonight.

'Til next time.

Monday, October 17, 2016

A Dozen Assorted RPG Figures

Our group's RPG game has moved to the desert, so it was time to step up and paint some figures on sand bases.

These are Minions of Set and Lions of Mitra from Otherworld Miniatures. They've just recently been released in their "Judge's Guild" line, and are made for...of all things...the Dark Tower adventure module from 1980. What a find! Dark Tower was my fav adventure game product from that era.

These Mummies and Undead Lord are from Reaper. 

Here's a weird one. The Guardian Naga, Omphalos, again from Otherworld. Kind of creepy.

And finally, this Giant Snake is from Reaper. Did a quick Google search on Diamondbacks and got good ideas for the paint scheme.

'Til next time.