Monday, April 6, 2015

Ice Troll and Yeti...and a Video

I love painting metal miniatures, but I'm not above a good plastic or resin fig when they come along. Gale Force Nine has been putting out a limited series of D&D monsters and adventurer sets for the past couple of years...I thought I'd give some of the figures a try.

First up is this set of winter-themed creatures, the Ice Troll and Yeti. Each is built from about 5 nicely-sculpted resin pieces. Here they are assembled, primed, inked and mounted on new bases.

The paint jobs are super-straightforward.

I airbrushed four shades of light blue and a final overspray of light pink for the Ice Troll...then just brush-painted in the remaining details.

The Yeti got sprays of light grey through white, was given a dark wash, and over-sprayed again.

Again, remaining details were brush-painted in the finish the figure.

I like these figures. Great animation, and simple to paint up.

And they got a workout in our latest D&D session. Here is an edited video of the last battle in the D&D Basic Set campaign, the Lost Mine of Phandelver. Thanks to David, Mike, Garnett, Kimberley, Elliot and Seana for playing in this one.

'Til next time.