Sunday, July 15, 2018

Ten Hellblasters

I'm re-working my Dark Angels list for the LVO tourney coming next February. Should be a little more competitive. We'll see, as I start playing the list this Fall.

First off the table is a squad of 10 Hellblasters.

Now that I've got this paint scheme down, the units are taking less time to churn out.

Next up, a new sub-faction for the list: Imperial Guard. Right now, I'm looking for head swaps for the models. I don't like the standard Imperial Guard, we'll see what comes out of the bits box to replace them.

'Til next time.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Aggressors and Inceptors

It was raining today, so I was able to finish off some figures on the hobby table.

Today, we have Dark Angel Aggressors and Inceptors. First, the Aggressors. Love these models. Lots of wires and hoses on the backs of the figures to keep them visually interesting from all angles.

And here are the Inceptors. Again, really nice figures. Kinda week in-game...or they seem that way anyway. But who cares...very cool models.

'Til next time.

Weathering a Servohauler

This sweet little model is one of the ski-fi tractors in the Galvanic Servohauler boxed set from Games Workshop. I really liked this guy, so I thought I'd spend some extra time on it and turn it into another sic-fi vehicle weathering tutorial.

Assembly is first, and straightforward. There are only a handful of parts in this model. Next, the whole thing is base coated brown.

Next came a sponge application of latex mold builder. The latex was focused on raised edges, and areas that would have seen a lot of wear.

In a few minutes, the mold builder was dry. The model was then oversprayed white to prepare it for the yellow base colour.

Spray yellows!

In a few minutes, the yellow paint was dry, and it was then time to rub away the latex. Using my thumb and fingers, this was just a matter of rubbing away the rubber. This revealed the "rust" brown base paint underneath.

Next, all other details were painted in. This included the tracks, antennae, exhaust pipe, engine block and so on.

The fuel tanks for the torch-laser thing were painted red and blue. A lot of weathering paints were coming the bits I did not want weathered were left to be painted at the very end. This included the rubber hoses, headlamp and external wires.

To start the weathering process, the model was sprayed with a clear gloss lacquer. The whole thing was then given a light wash of Agrax Earthshade.

Much weathering ensued...and you think I would have taken some photos. Well, here are the colours used in progression instead. Left to right. Where ever there was going to be rust, Snakebite Leather went down first. This was watered down, applied, and then "erased away" with a damp brush. Same for the Orange Brown that went down next. And the Scorched Brown. Walnut Brown was used for deeper pits on the chassis surface. Finally, Yellow and off-white were mixed and used to highlight the upper edges of the major rust chips in order to represent caught a reflected light.

The model was also treated with Corrosion and Rust technical paints. Corrosion in the deepest recesses, and Rust on the end of the exhaust pipe. The engine block, and some greasy areas of the model surface were also treated with these vallejo weathering acrylics to represent oil and fuel spills.

I should also mention that the tracks were painted with Vallejo Track Primer, washed with Nuln Oil, given a few spots of rust, and then finally dry brushed lightly with silver.

And, there you have it. As mentioned, at the end, hoses, wires and the headlamp were painted in.

Really a fan of neat little models like this. They add a lot of character to a game table.

As you can see, when the rust colours were applied, they were streaked down the sides of the chassis.

There are two other models in the servo hauler set. I'll do one other for sure (have it assembled and primed now).

'Til next time.