Friday, March 29, 2013


OK, last non-character Menoth Heavy comes off the table. This is the old metal sculpt of the Castigator...and as little as this model sees competitive play, I'd have to say it's my favorite heavy 'jack sculpt. There is more animation in this guy than any of the other very stiffly-posed Menoth biggies.

And he does look like a bad mofo, with those two flame fists ready to wreak havok.

However, at 8 points, there are few Menoth players that can't get way more killing power out of a Reckoner, Templar or Vanquisher. If this guy was 7 points, he'd see more casual play...and if he was 6 points you would see him competitive lists. Actually, scratch that...he'd be broken at 6 points.

I went away from the usual all white or all black schemes I've been using on my Menoth 'jacks, and decided to go with red-black. It adds some more distinctness to an already very cool model.

'Til next time.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Latest project off the hobby table is this Menoth Heavy, the Reckoner. This is actually my second one, as it's considered by many to be one of the best 'jacks in Warmachine. Why not have two?

The scheme is a straight-up white. I have several Menoth 'jacks in this sort of paint job now, including my Templar, Vanquishers and of course, the Judicator.

Weathering was just a chip pass using brown and copper paint, with deeper scratches painted in dark and light silver.

Now I just have to finish off the Castigator, and my collection of Menoth 'jacks is complete.

'Til next time.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

eFeora vs Rask

Elliot dropped by for our weekly Warmachine slugfest last night. I'd recently signed up for my first Hardcore tournament (Lock & Load coming in under 3 months) and I wanted to start getting some practice in. Elliot agreed to a 50 point match, and decided to take a break from Khador...he busted out his most recently painted minion army...Rask and Gators.

Hardcore just uses one scenario...there is a 12"x12" control zone in the middle. Dominate it with your 'caster, and the opposing 'caster takes 5 points of damage. 50 points...7 minute turns...close quarters. It's all trouble.

Elliot's army consisted of Rask, two units of Gators, Wrong Eye & Snapjaw, a Wrastler, a Swamp Horror, a couple of Bullsnappers and a unit of Bog Trog Ambushers.

I'm trying something new. eFeora with a mess of character 'jacks and a bonded Sanctifier. There is also a unit of Flameguard, Rhoven, Choir, Book and a Vassal.

Unfortunately, in our excitement to play this game (and even trying to play first time out with the insanely short 7 minute time limits), I missed a number of game photo opportunities. Dang.

Minion turn 1. Elliot won the roll to go first. He doesn't have a super-fast army, so the Gators lead the slog up to the edge of the control zone.

Menoth turn 1. I move up to the control zone as well. My army synergy relies on dying infantry the Flameguard move up out of Shieldwall. As shown here...

Minion turn 2. Elliot charges Gators into my face and eats 4 Flamegaurd and one of Rhoven's bodyguards. This results in 3 souls on the Sanctifier, Hand of Vengeance triggered on Blood of Martyrs, Righteous Vengeance on Fire of Salvation, and Battle Driven on Rhoven and Cassian. Elliot also Ambushes into my support staff with the Bog Trogs. I loose my Vassal and a Choir member. As shown here...

Menoth turn 2. My 'jacks go apeshit and blow a hole deep into Elliot's center. The Avatar runs off to the left flank and Gazes to pull away as much of Elliot's army as he can...hopefully leaving Rask for me to down next turn. Wishful thinking.

Gratuitous pic of Snapjaw facing down the Fire of Salvation. Rask is in the background with Admonition up...Elliot will ensure I don't get close to assassinating his 'lock.

Minion turn #3. Elliot concocts an assassination run on eFeora. He gets half-way through a 6-step Rube Goldberg machine when he realizes he's activated out of order. This leaves him out of position, but the turn is by no means a loss for him. He's killed the Avatar, the Sanctifier and has put 12 hits on eFeora. No pics. Bummer.

Menoth turn #3. Elliot salvaged a lot out of his last turn, but I think I can deliver a big counter-punch on this turn. Unfortunately, we screwed up some rules and my moves turned out to be very underwhelming. Rulings to note: 1) You must advance in the direction your model is directly facing. 2) A tentacle free strike doing a pull on a disengaging model does not end the target model's activation.

At the end of my turn I had only succeeded in killing Wrong Eye, causing Snapjaw to become an uncontrolled wild beast, and putting 4 points of damage on Rask with a flamethrower attack. Situation at the end of the turn, here...

Elliot's coup de grace is about to go off. Helo tries to tell me I'm in trouble. Smartass cat.

Minion turn #4. Elliot slams Snapjaw with a Bullsnapper, clearing just enough space to allow his Swamp Horror to get through to eFeora. Dead 'caster, and Elliot takes the game.

It was nice to see Elliot's Minions's been some time. And the beautiful conversion work he did on his Swamp Horror is really a sight to behold. It looks very cool.

The Hardcore time limit is super-restrictive. I gave up trying to finish my turns in 7 minutes shortly after starting the game. I'll need plenty of more practice with this army and the scenario format.

'Til next time.

Monday, March 11, 2013


This past week I hauled out a handful of Menoth heavies that I had half-done. First one off the table is the Sanctifier, the non-character 'jack from the Wrath book.

I decided on an all-black scheme, inspired by the artwork in the book.

Originally, I wasn't keen on getting this figure into my collection. However, I've had second thoughts based on a list concept I'm thinking of which relies on the synergy provided to certain Menoth 'jacks when a friendly infantry model dies nearby.

One infantry model death within 5" gives Sanctifier a focus for next turn, triggers Hand of Vengeance on Blood of Martyrs and Righteous Vengeance on Fire of Salvation. I think there's something good in that combination of effects.

'Til next time.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tabletop World: Blacksmith's Forge

Two weeks ago I was procrastinating over my Fokker D.VII project. As I walked through the basement, I noticed that I had another Tabletop World building primed and ready to go...the Blacksmith's Forge. Hmmm, this should go pretty fast, I thought to myself.

Here's a shot of the pieces from the Tabletop World site. Intricate, but manageable. 

It did go together nicely. I'm glad I bore down and knocked it out.

The fit between the floors was a little more janky than the Watchtower model I did, but given the complexity of the architecture and the fine castings, any minor shortcomings are overshadowed by the end product.

The rear of the finished piece. I love the lines of this model. Everything looks like it sways slightly, and the chimneys look rickety and ready to fall over.

For this model, I decided to do the "extra bits" and get the furniture into the building. Here is the upper storey with bed and wash table...

...and dinner table with cheese and bread board.

The bottom floor holds the smithy's work area. There is some nice detail in here including the work bench and hanging tool board.

Assembled, the outer detail pieces include the anvil, stone bench and dog house (very cute).

And here we see it in scale with some Warmachine pieces.

I'm jazzed to do the whole Tabletop World village now...but of course, it's a long term project.

'Til next time.