Sunday, March 21, 2010

Warmachine Interlude

I made some good progress this weekend on a German Fallschirmjager squad for the Carentan scenario, but no pictures yet.

In the mean time, I was able to complete a couple of Warmachine mini-projects. The first was a set of three Menoth Warjack wreck markers. Here, they are assembled and base colors have been applied.

And here they are completed. A little messy, but hopefully, I'll never have to put them on the table!

The second project I got underway this weekend was a Covenant of Menoth piece. Essentially it is a poor bastard carrying around a heavy book on his back while a priest-guy is reading spells from it. Here, the bare metal is assembled.

Base block colors have been applied here. Where I'll be painting gold, I've base coated with dark yellow.

This is a close up of the finished model. The book text is decal...obviously!

Well...a couple of quick miniature projects for the weekend. Should have pics of some German troops next time.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2nd Squad

Hello fellow gaming nuts. Not these

The 101st Airborne project continues. The second squad is now done. Here is the MG section.

And the rifle section.

Looking at the calendar, I might be hard pressed to get all the paratroopers and fallschirmjagers done in time for the MayDay convention...but I'm hoping to get a good start into the German troops this who knows? I might still make it. Damn my slow painting. Carentan awaits!

'Til next time.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

1st Squad Done

It's slow going on the figure painting front. However, I'm happy to say that the first squad of my 101st Airborne platoon project is now done.

Here is the machine gun section.

And the rifle section.

I was digging around the internet for some 506 Parachute Infantry Regiment photos (the unit featured in the HBO series, Band of Brothers) and found a number of good ones. Here is a shot of some paratroopers in their C-47 transport heading over the channel the night before D-Day.

The 506th did a lot of fighting in and around Carentan. Here is a shot in the city after its liberation.

One final shot of the rifle section.

'Til next time.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Club Night: March 2, 2010

Soooo...Bob had to make a quick trip up to Athabasca today, so club AAR duties fall to me this week!

We had 11 players out tonight, along with a couple of visitors. To kick things off, Dave and Scott played scenario 4 of their Dark Ages WAB campaign, and things are swinging in Scott's favor. Dave's northern warband failed it's impetuousness roll and chased after one of Scott's smaller units, allowing Scott's Normans to rush a unit through the gap and achieve the scenario's victory conditions.

Hairy guys with swords...check. It's the Dark Ages. I think these are Dave's figs.

Chen-song and Bruce had a game of Dirtside II. It was 2050 in Paraguay. Chen-song's technically superior American forces wasted a lot of Bruce's low tech armor...but Bruce took the objective city with infantry and won the scenario.

Justin hosted another game of Command Decision 4. Here, Parker's late war Germans were unable to root out Russ' Soviets. Russians win.

Finally, I ran a game of late 1917 Canvas Eagles with Matt, John and first-timer, Craig.

Upholding the grand tradition of beginner's luck, Craig's first damage chit draw against John was a fuel tank explodes. At the end of the game, Craig lined up a lucky shot against Matt and drew...wait for it...Pilot Killed. Never mind that Craig lost two planes in the battle...the damage was done!

All around, another fun night at the club.