Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Saw Horses From My Window...

Dala fans out there will get the blog title reference. ;^)

Regardless, this past week I decided to push forward with the 1st century Celt army project. It was time to move onto horses.

For newcomers, this Celt project started in January. I've done skin on the warriors, and that's about it so far. Getting horses out of the way opens the door to the next big phase in this Yikes.

Here's a Bay.

And a chestnut.

And I put a fair proportion of Dunns into this army.

So it will be on to tartan and other bright clothes next. Then shields...and hair...and details. hopefully I'll get the whole thing done next month. I still have to do their Roman opponents for a big game at the beginning of May.

'Til next time.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Legion Striders and Deathstalker

I'll be away from the computer this weekend, so I thought I'd post early this week.

So I was happy to finish off a unit of Legion Stalkers for my Hordes army this morning. I did a fair bit of work on them last Sunday. The Deathstalker solo is on the far right.

In the game, this is a unit of stealthy rangestrikers that also move quickly through rough terrain. They work well with shooty lists run by Epic Lylyth...and I'll be working on her shortly.

I'm still casting around trying to nail down a faction paint scheme. Right now my Legion stuff is all over the board. However, I watched Avatar again this weekend and decided that Legion for me would be all about jungle beasts and blue dudes. About half of what I've painted so far kind of fits into that the other half will just have to be allies from the frigid north where blue skin is unknown!

The cloaks are Foundry Buff Leather, and the leaves/feathers are a combination of GW greens and green wash. The darker browns are Foundry Bay Brown, and there's a fair bit of Foundry Rawhide in there as well. The blue skin is P3 Frostbight, GW blue wash and Foundry Boneyard Light. The bows are GW Deneb Stone with a brown wash. Well, that's about everything. Hope you have a great weekend.

'Til next time.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

More Goblins

This past week was all about the Goblins. These are GW War of the Ring figures. The first two are from the Goblin Captains metal blister. One bow, one sword. The sculptor used the same doll for both figs...too bad. A little variety in posing would have been nice.

However, the figures are perfectly fine and painted up quick.

Next I moved on to the Moria Goblin plastic boxed set. There are 24 figures in this pack, 8 swords, 8 pikes and 8 bow. I started with the swords. Besides the usual GW metallic paint-work, their scraps of clothing were painted with Foundry Rawhide.

All of these figs got a workout in our Middle-earth RPG game this past week, and were promptly disposed of by the bloodthirsty players.

I think there will be some Legion Stalkers up this week for Hordes.

'Til next time.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cryx Battlebox

I started into Cryx a few weeks back when I tried my hand at a new weathering technique and worked up the Slayer Helljack. This week it was time to knock off the Bonejacks and Warcaster from the Cryx Battlebox (old metal edition).

Here is Deneghra, the Cryx 'caster. Pretty much used the same color scheme as the 'jacks...Cryx Bane base and highlight, and rusted up and weathered the armor

The Defiler Bonejack.

Another view.

One of two Deathrippers that come in the Battlebox.

Here are the WIP shots for the Deathripper. First is the black base coat.

Cryx Bane base and highlight overspray (with a little light gray underneath the last layer to lighten it up).

First weathering pass with MIGS rust wash, grease wash, dust and mud pigments.

Next came the metal (Vallejo Bronze), bone (Foundry Boneyard) and necrotic green (using the method from the Cryx sourcebook...essentially white inked over with yellow and green).

Basing material is standard sand and glue, with a small stone added.

And now finished up with scenic base painting, silver scratches, washes and highlights on the metal plates, and a bit more rust added. Done!

I've got a couple of new projects on the table for this upcoming week, including Menoth Bastions and Legion Striders (oh, and a couple of more Goblins). We'll see what happens over the next few days. Enjoy the Superbowl tomorrow!

'Til next time.