Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Horrors From the Silver Tower

Latest batch of figures from the Silver Tower set are the Horrors of Tzeentch.

The airbrush got a heavy workout on these guys, which made the project go very quick. Nice, articulated sculpts. A pleasure to paint. And now, more pieces done for the Silver Tower game. I figure I'm about half way through the set now.

On the Warmachine front, the Mk3 release is imminent. To prepare, I put together another Repenter. Lots of flamethrower goodness. Now if only Privateer would make some nice hard plastic models, instead of these crappy soft resiny-plastic 'jack figures.

Affection for the great Kings of War rule set continues. Last night Coltman came over for a 2000-point game. His Kingdoms of Men army is composed of Sassanid Persians. 

Next up...Grot Scuttlings for Silver Tower.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tzaangors from Silver Tower

Next up from the Silver Tower set are the Tzaangors. OK...just a minute. Last week I painted up the Acolytes from that set. I did them first because they seemed pretty straight forward. I counted about 20 paint operations per figure. But these Tzaangors are off the charts. I'm estimating over a hundred paint operations per figure. Talk about complex!

But the results are nice, and worth it. They are excellent, if somewhat eccentric, figures.

I've also started back into Warmachine, with the release of the latest Mk3 rule set. This past week I played against Elliot and his Khador Man O' War brick...

...and Garnett, who trotted out a tough Scaverous list.

Mk3 plays a lot like the old Mk2, but just with less jankiness. Enjoyed both games, and I'll be playing more.

Next up from Silver Tower will be the Horrors.

'Til next time.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Cultists Slip Into the Workflow

These 10 guys have been sitting on my painting table, and my game table, for several months now. I just needed to finish off a few details in order to clear them for good. And that happened today.

These are the multi-part, hard plastic figures from the Frostgrave collection. Pretty cool models, and every one you build is unique. I swapped out a few torsos and other bits from the Frostgrave soldiers box as well. Everything in this line is pretty good. Recommended.

I like the Frostgrave game, as well as these models. Not as detailed as metal, or recent GW releases, but still really solid for all sorts of gameplay.

Next up is more Silver Tower stuff.

'Til next time.

Starting Into Silver Tower

I recently picked up the new GW boxed game, Silver Tower. There's a pile of cool new miniatures in this set, and I immediately started into painting this 51-model project.

First up were the Kairic Acolytes. I started with them because they seemed to be the easiest pieces to tackle. Lots of skin. No faces to paint. Simple white loincloths and big-ass weapons. Check, check and check. I mounted them on some Secret Weapon resin bases.

Reports are that this game is quite good, and I'm looking forward to playing it. But first...more painting. Next up are the Tzaangors.

What's up with all the crazy-shitty new miniature names from GW? Anyway, the sculpts are great.

'Til next time.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Tomb Kings From the MayDay Auction

I've been away for the last month (trip), but back at the hobby table now.

At the beginning of May, we had our annual MayDay convention, with its ubiquitous silent auction. I picked up some Tomb Kings models at the auction, and thought I'd paint up a few for fun.

The paints scheme is quite simple, so these went pretty fast.

Could always do more, rank them up...and presto, ready for some Kings of War!

A few more projects ready to come off the

'Til next time.