Saturday, February 25, 2012

Scaverous and Erebus

This week I've been working on three Slayer Helljacks for my Mortenebra list. However, they aren't done yet (really...just got them assembled and base coated), so I'll have to blog them later. In the mean time, I finished off two Cryx models from the Wrath expansion that have been in the "nearly finished" state for several months.

So, this week we have Lord Scaverous and his character 'jack, Erebus. That's Scaverous on the right.

Back to the rust & dust shenanigans using MIGS weathering powders.

Scaverous is a huge model. Why they stuck him on a medium base, we'll never know. Hell...he's at least as big as Erebus, who gets a large base.

Erebus is Scaverous' soul collector, and to help him out, he has the Overtake ability (allowing him to move 1" after killing an enemy model).

I'm still struggling a bit with Cryx necrotic green. I'm a little too timid to slop some ink around and make it "glow."

Out of town next weekend, so I'll post the upcoming Slayers the week after. In the mean time, hope you're all doing well. I see that subscriptions to this blog recently ticked over the 200 mark. If you readers out there are looking for anything in particular, please let me know and I'll shuffle it into an upcoming post.

'Til next time!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Cryx Ogrun

Hello All. Happy Family Day, or President's Day, or which ever holiday (if you are lucky) you're celebrating this Monday.

This past week I spent time working on a few ogres from the Cryx Warmachine faction.

First off, we have the Ogrun Bokur. This is a mercenary character who will work for Cryx. He's essentially a Warcaster bodyguard. I painted his armor plates in pretty standard mercenary olive, and then spiced things up with a good splattering of blood. For all the ogre skin, I used that Reaper Olive Skin series that looks terrible on human figures...but seems to be OK for monsters.

I really like the Bokur figure. Very chunky, and fun to paint.

Next up we have a minion character, Gudrun the Wanderer. This is one of the few minions who will work for Cryx. I got this figure from Elliot for Christmas. Thanks Elliot! I was pretty happy to get this guy painted, since I have so many Christmas gifts from years past that have yet to see a paint brush.

Gudrun's schtick is that he get's drunk and can feign death, thus being able to avoid a number of attack types. In addition, you essentially have to kill him twice to get him off the table.

Finally, we have Gerlak Slaughterborn. Worst of the three sculpts, in my opinion, but probably the one I'd most want to play. This Cryx solo has Killing Spree, one of the game's best infantry-clearing abilities. When he kills a figure, he can move an inch and attack again. It apparently is not unheard of for Gerlak to wade through an entire enemy infantry unit in one activation.

Can't wait to see if that's true!

I'm enjoying the Warmachine Year Long League I joined up in St. Albert, being run out of the Thunderground game store. If my count is right, I have logged 13 league games so far this month, and I'm having a lot of success with my Moretenebra list. She is...awesome. Anyway, on to more Cryx 'Jacks, I think.

'Til next time.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sweet 16...Cryx

The guys at work and I joined a year-long slow grow Warmachine league being run out of Thunderground up in St. Albert (just north of Edmonton). The league starts at 25 points, and you can add 5 points every two months to the army you're playing. I decided to go with Cryx, to give me an excuse to expand the collection.

This week I pushed hard and got 16 new models out. Starting with this full unit of Satyxis Raiders, with Sea Witch and Captain.

They were not an easy unit to knock out. All of the lacerator weapons needed pinning, and though relatively small, each figure had a lot of detail to paint in. Not least of which was the hair. These girls have BIG hair. Given that this unit doesn't fit in to either of the undead or rusty themes of the rest of my Cryx, I took them in a completely new direction and gave them some pretty wild hair colors. Can you spot Lady Gaga?

Next, I did a pair of Warwitch Sirens. These solos are very nasty, and are intended for my Mortenebra list.

And finally, I finished off the Warcaster Mortenebra (seen here on the right), and her Scarlock-like attachment, Deryliss. The Mortenebra figure comes with a set of spindly arms that come out of her back. I didn't like them, so I replaced them with a set of Stegadon tusks from the GW bits box. Now she looks like a wicked horned spider...I kind'a like it.

Well that's a sweet sixteen of Cryx this week. I'm pretty happy with the end result. For those interested, here's a set of WIP shots of the Satyxis.

Standard operating procedure for these girls...

Assemble, base and sand/glue combo.

Prime white.

Dark wash to start the shading and pop out the detail.


Skin and cloth.

From here I painted the horns, hair, added the details, dullcoated, static grass and done.

Next up, some Cryx ogres (I think).

'Til next time.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thyra and Friends

I'm geared up to dig into more Cryx, but this week I was waiting for some models to show up in the mail. While waiting, I decided to finish off some Menoth models I was looking forward to painting.

First, we have the new 'caster, Thyra.

Finally, a Menoth 'caser that can give her troops stealth. Go Errants!

This is Thyra's solo friend, Nicia.

Double melee strikes and a ranged attack...awesome.

I also had a couple of mercenaries that work for Menoth that I wanted to finish. Here is Madelyn Corbeau (3" movement boost) and Anastasia Di Bray (Ambush/Espionage/Intelligence combo...very strong support piece).

I also did a quick base-coating spray job for Scott Cairns' Trollblood Mauler. From here, Scott can paint in whatever details he likes to get this heavy warbeast table-ready.

OK, Cryx on the table now, so photos and a step-by-step next week.

'Til next time.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Superbowl Chili

Besides playing games and painting miniatures, I like cooking. My wife and I enjoy food and we cook like demons a couple of times a week. Tomorrow is the Superbowl, and I always accept a big football game as the best excuse to make chili. What do football and/or food have to do with the hobby table. Nothing. No excuse...this is a blog post of my football day chili recipe. Enjoy!

Get out your crock pot. If you don't have one...get one! Easiest way to make a ton of great recipes.

  • A couple of cans of diced tomatoes.
  • A couple of onions.
  • A pile of mushrooms.
  • A couple of peppers.
  • Meat...or meat substitute (my choice).
  • Chili powder.
  • Pepper flakes.
  • Cayenne pepper.
  • Other salt, pepper and so on.

After taking the picture, I realized I forgot to add in:
  • A can of black beans (I don't like kidney beans).
  • Garlic
  • A handful of frozen corn (no pic!)

1) Put the tomatoes, cayenne, chili powder, pepper flakes, salt and pepper into the cooker. Turn it on high.

2) I like to pre-cook the onions a little. In a pan with oil and butter. Add salt, pepper and any other spices you like. You can add in some minced garlic now too. Throw it all in the cooker.

3) I sweat the mushrooms over heat with some salt. This gets some moisture out of the mushrooms. Throw them in the cooker.

4) Brown your meat (or in my case...brown the meat substitute. Add some chili powder and pepper. Throw the meat in the cooker.

5) To the cooker, then add your diced peppers (red and yellow look good), and a handful of frozen corn. Put the lid on the cooker and leave it for six hours. The superbowl starts at 6:30 EST you could start this recipe at noon, and you'd be good to go for the game.

Since you're going through the trouble to make chili...get some nice French bread to go with it.

Into the bowl with it! Add some sour cream and grated cheddar. Enjoy!

I've got $5 on the Patriots, and I'm giving 3 & 1/2 points to Scott at work. Fingers crossed! Hope you like the game and the chili!

'Til next time...