Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2nd Squad

Hello fellow gaming nuts. Not these

The 101st Airborne project continues. The second squad is now done. Here is the MG section.

And the rifle section.

Looking at the calendar, I might be hard pressed to get all the paratroopers and fallschirmjagers done in time for the MayDay convention...but I'm hoping to get a good start into the German troops this who knows? I might still make it. Damn my slow painting. Carentan awaits!

'Til next time.


  1. Damn the speed. If this level of quality takes time, then take the time. It's well worth it. These are awesome looking figures!

  2. A very subtle finish, spot on.

    Which set of rules will you be using?

  3. Hey Boggler...will be using Disposable Heroes for these guys.


  4. Disposable Heroes is easily my favorite rules system I have played for WWII... it is a lot of fun and produces some incredibly tense games! It looks like those patches are decals? If so where did you get them? If you free handed them then WOW!

  5. Jesse,

    The patches are, in fact, decals. They are from Company B...bought them on the internet. The helmet symbols are decals from Company B as well.