Saturday, April 3, 2010

1st Fallschirmjager Squad

Time to get back to the Carentan project. Soooo...we have 101st Airborne versus 6th Regiment Fallschirmjagers. Two squads of Americans are done so far, and now we have the first squad of German's ready.

First a couple of shots of German paratroopers in Normandy. An MG42 team...

And a trooper with a panzerfaust.

Here are some color shots of re-enactors. The two on the left are in splinter '41 camo, while the one on the right looks to be in water tan '44.

Here is a handy gear load out shot from the rear.

OK, now for the minis. First, bare metal. Artizan 28mm figs.

I decided to use a faster painting method for these guys than I normally use. First, I started with block painting of the base colors.

Then, an ink wash. Camo painting and details went on after this step.

It's finally warm enough outside to take some photos in natural sunlight. Hmmm, that makes it warm enough to do yard work as well...bummer.

German Fallschirmjager squads were split into two light machinegun sections, one led by the squad leader, and the second led by the assistant squad leader. Section number one...

And section number two.

I tried my hand at three different camo patterns on the jump suits and zeltbahn coverings. Most of the figures are in splinter '41. Two are in the darker brown water tan '43 pattern and one is in the lighter water tan '44 camo uniform. Honestly, I wasn't able to put in enough detail to really tell much of a difference between the outfits, so I'm not sure I'll really try to distinguish them in the second squad project.

I've got an itch for more Warmachine, even though the Carentan project timeline is getting critical. Well...warjacks are up on the table right now...soooo.

'Til next time.


  1. Hurry up and finish you figures for the game! Judging by the picture of the guy holding the panzerfaust at the start, no wonder why they couldn't defend Berlin! Lovely paint job!

  2. These look great. I like the cammo a lot, but agree the difference in the patterns is minimal. If it's more work, I'd stick with one pattern since the miniatures look great in all of the patterns.

  3. Nicely done Kevin!

    I actually just ordered myself some Fallschirmjägers (there was a sale... the pound sterling was in the tank...). I'm kind of torn on how to paint them... Early war with no camouflage for the blitz in the west and Operation Sealion? Or in tan and camouflage the Mediterranean? or in later war camouflage... green pants and helmets...? blue pants and helmets..? I'll probably go with some mid-war-ish scheme and use them for everything!

  4. Tim,

    Painting them for Monte Casino lets you mix up the uniforms any way you like. They wore everything there.