Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saurus, Skinks, Slann and...Terrain

First off...welcome to the new subscribers! I'm wondering if you got to this blog through

In any event, the Lizardman project continues. First off, the unit of Saurus Warriors from the battalion box is now complete.

The 12 Skink skirmishers from the box are also now done. I debated whether to do them all in different colors, but in the end decided that uniform painting would be quicker. After painting the shields green, I felt there wasn't enough interest in the color scheme, so I added the red-orange flash to their head crests.

Ah, the army general...every army needs one. This is the Slann Mage-Priest done in the same color scheme found on the box cover. I struggled with the correct shade of green all week, but finally nailed it down.

Finally, I had one final terrain set on the table waiting to finish up. It's the "Ruins of Middle-earth" set, or at least, the accessories from the set. The actual ruin walls are too thin to appear in scale with my other Middle-earth terrain. They are pretty much throw-away pieces. These bits are quite usable, however, so I was happy to finish them off. Like my other "gray terrain," this stuff is...gray.

Continuing on with the Lizardmen battalion box, I have the Temple Guard assembled and ready for primer. I think I'll knock that off in the morning.

'Til next time.


  1. Man you're fast. If I got one model done a week or even a day I'd be ecstatic. My goal for this week isn't even to really paint any models just base 54 goblins and make a couple of custom movement trays.

    If I get all that done in good time, I'll probably get back to working on my 40K stuff, but the Mighty Empires Campaign that started today, demands I do up a contingent of mercenaries, meaning my Night Goblin archers from the 4th Edition box set will finally get on a gaming table for the first time since 8th Edition...

  2. Awesome, Kevin! Thoughout the weekend I was popping by your blog to see if there was any progress (and disappointed by no updates) - now I see why it came at the end, you've been busy :)

    I look forward (with some fear actually) to fighting your Lizards! One thing that may be a factor though: the game takes a lot longer than Warmachine etc. I think it would even be hard to fit a game into your Tues game club night.

    How many points are you targeting?


  3. Jarrett,

    I'm going to sit down tonight and figure out what point value I can start playing at, and when. I figure it will be an escalating value over time as I add more pieces.

  4. They look fantastic! I like the pile of skulls at the base of the Slann. The other bit that caught my eye were the green sheilds for blue skinks. Same idea I had, and it makes me think they have culled a rival group and used them for sheilds!

  5. Wow Kevin - slow down mate you are making the rest of us look bad :) Awesome work will be an absolutely stunning army when you have it all finished. Keep up the great work.


  6. hey kevin,

    your lizards look realy great. I myself am a lizard player too. is there any chance you share your paint scedule on the blue saurus and skinks? would give my army a nice boost



  7. Wimpie...
    This was a while ago, but to the best of my recollection...Saurus:
    1) Prime white.
    2) Wash black.
    3) Wash dark blue.
    4) Wet-brush blue.
    5) Dry-brush light blue.
    6) Details.
    Does that help?

  8. yea, thanks a lot, gonna try it out.
    got some temple guard comming in this week.
    thanks mate.