Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First WFB Game

I played my first game of WFB (ever) last night at the club. It was a great introduction to the system. We had a three-way game. I played my new Lizardmen. Scott had is Tomb Kings out and Mark brought his Bretonnians.

Here's the ubiquitous opening table shot where you can't see anything that's going on. Lizardmen at the bottom. Kings at the top left and Bretonnians on the right.

Here is a shot of Mark's knights. OK, get this. Mark bought his entire army at a local swap meet...painted...for $25. Come on!

Here's one of Scott's skeleton blocks. He painted his army last year; very nice! It became apparent last night that Tomb Kings need an army book update. They seemed underpowered, point-for-point, when compared to the other armies on the table.

My stegadon charged a unit of Scott's monstrous infantry. The impact hits pretty much took care of them right off the bat. Go steg! My Saurus Warriors charged the skeleton block and after two rounds of combat, chewed them up.

Things didn't go quite so well against Mark's Bretonnians. Although the skinks took out a Paladin with poison javelins, this pegasus-mounted knight destroyed the whole unit in a run down.

Although the Slann whacked 5 of 12 Grail Knights with Dwellers Below, the remaining knights destroyed the Temple Guard without breaking a sweat. The Skink Priest did get a big magic missile off against the Breton general and eliminated her handily.

With the Tomb Kings getting the better of their fight with the Bretonnians they faced, we called the game after two hours as a draw. Super fun! Thank to Scott and Mark for a great introduction to the game.

'Til next time.


  1. Glad to hear it was fun! My only comment would be the terrain setup - the big wide-open space in the middle maybe removes some of the more interesting maneuvering and the impact of terrain on the game.

    For example, vs Robin we were contending with venomous woods and rivers, and an evil idol that kept zapping stuff that got too close. It didnt change the game outcome dramatically, but did have quite an effect on the decisions we made and the paths we chose to take.

  2. Jarrett,

    I agree...but Mark and I are just learning the one thing at a time! More terrain next time. LoL!

  3. Congratulations on fielding your Lizardmen! It warms my heart to see another player fielding the fine scaly soldiers.

  4. I can't believe an entire painted Bretonnian army went for 25 dollars in Edmonton. Isn't White Knight still around, there used to be used models in there, surely they'd have paid the 25 dollars and then marked it up...

    Was it sold by the person who actually painted it? I think once you actually sit down and paint you get a new appreciation for all the work that goes in to it. That's another strike against the "don't paint" crowd.

    Good to hear you enjoyed your game. I've been having a little fun too, but I gotta try harder to actually win a game next time...

  5. Muskie,

    Yup, the guy who painted it, sold it...for $25. Unbelieveable. It was at a bring-and-buy up at Red Claw on Fort Road, if you know the area. Everyone at the club last night just went slack-jawed in disbelief...considering the good quality of painting and decaling, and just the volume of plastic and metal.

  6. Oh, and don't forget the "fat frog" comment!