Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cryx Corrosion

Well, have to admit I'm taking a bit of a U-Turn here.

I already have Menoth and Khador armies for Warmachine, and a Legion army for Hordes, but I couldn't resist doing some Cryx as well. Their stuff is just sooo coool.

I was inspired to do some Cryx after watching a YouTube tutorial on AFV weathering. I thought the techniques would be great to represent Cryx corrosion (many of their attacks are acid/corrosion-based).

I've had the Cryx battlebox sitting in my closet for some time, and I always hoped to get around to them.

My first Cryx Helljack is this Slayer. A pure double-handed melee 'jack. I wanted a test subject for this new rust and weathering technique, so I put him together on Sunday. I sprayed on the P3 Cryx Base and Highlight colors, then started in with the MIG weathering powders and washes. A few evenings later...presto. Hope you like him. He was more fun to put together than anything I've ever done for Menoth (which always feels like such a chore).

Well, back to the Celts for a bit.

'Til next time.


  1. That's some extreme rust - superb Kevin.

  2. Do you have a link for that video you mentioned?

  3. Redmanphill

    This guy does a series of videos which I found quite helpful and inspiring.

  4. Fantastic effect, but I especially love that you broke the mould with a new and clever approach.

  5. Hey Kevin, did you use alcohol to fix the pigments? I like the pigments but then when I need to use dullcoat to protect for gaming it seems to really reduce the effect.

  6. Minijunkie,
    Rubbing alcohol and/or turpentine in various places and times (many layers). I did dullcoat as problems encountered.