Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Legion Striders and Deathstalker

I'll be away from the computer this weekend, so I thought I'd post early this week.

So I was happy to finish off a unit of Legion Stalkers for my Hordes army this morning. I did a fair bit of work on them last Sunday. The Deathstalker solo is on the far right.

In the game, this is a unit of stealthy rangestrikers that also move quickly through rough terrain. They work well with shooty lists run by Epic Lylyth...and I'll be working on her shortly.

I'm still casting around trying to nail down a faction paint scheme. Right now my Legion stuff is all over the board. However, I watched Avatar again this weekend and decided that Legion for me would be all about jungle beasts and blue dudes. About half of what I've painted so far kind of fits into that the other half will just have to be allies from the frigid north where blue skin is unknown!

The cloaks are Foundry Buff Leather, and the leaves/feathers are a combination of GW greens and green wash. The darker browns are Foundry Bay Brown, and there's a fair bit of Foundry Rawhide in there as well. The blue skin is P3 Frostbight, GW blue wash and Foundry Boneyard Light. The bows are GW Deneb Stone with a brown wash. Well, that's about everything. Hope you have a great weekend.

'Til next time.


  1. Wow, great fabric tonal range! Those look wonderful!

  2. Your blog has been featured in Episode 5 of our podcast!

  3. Hudson,
    Many thanks. Listened to your bluntforcegamer podcast as well. Very fun. Thanks for the shout out.