Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sweet 16...Cryx

The guys at work and I joined a year-long slow grow Warmachine league being run out of Thunderground up in St. Albert (just north of Edmonton). The league starts at 25 points, and you can add 5 points every two months to the army you're playing. I decided to go with Cryx, to give me an excuse to expand the collection.

This week I pushed hard and got 16 new models out. Starting with this full unit of Satyxis Raiders, with Sea Witch and Captain.

They were not an easy unit to knock out. All of the lacerator weapons needed pinning, and though relatively small, each figure had a lot of detail to paint in. Not least of which was the hair. These girls have BIG hair. Given that this unit doesn't fit in to either of the undead or rusty themes of the rest of my Cryx, I took them in a completely new direction and gave them some pretty wild hair colors. Can you spot Lady Gaga?

Next, I did a pair of Warwitch Sirens. These solos are very nasty, and are intended for my Mortenebra list.

And finally, I finished off the Warcaster Mortenebra (seen here on the right), and her Scarlock-like attachment, Deryliss. The Mortenebra figure comes with a set of spindly arms that come out of her back. I didn't like them, so I replaced them with a set of Stegadon tusks from the GW bits box. Now she looks like a wicked horned spider...I kind'a like it.

Well that's a sweet sixteen of Cryx this week. I'm pretty happy with the end result. For those interested, here's a set of WIP shots of the Satyxis.

Standard operating procedure for these girls...

Assemble, base and sand/glue combo.

Prime white.

Dark wash to start the shading and pop out the detail.


Skin and cloth.

From here I painted the horns, hair, added the details, dullcoated, static grass and done.

Next up, some Cryx ogres (I think).

'Til next time.


  1. Nice customization! It's those little changes that make an army unique. Like!

  2. Hey Kevin, unrelated to Cryx...what do you use for the post-primer "black wash" on your Menoth?

  3. Jarrett,
    The black wash is a mix of Future floor wax, Liquitex Matte Medium, black paint and dark brown paint. No hard and fast mixing proportions, but generally... 5:2:2:1 ish.