Monday, March 19, 2012

Steamroller 2012 Objectives and Flags (WIP Part 1)

OK, no surprise...I'm a Warmachine junkie. Over the past 7 weeks I've played nearly 30 games. Most of these have been scenarios from the Steamroller 2012 tournament rules. Now, these scenarios use a lot of zones, objectives and flags. Zones are easy enough to mark with paper on the game table. However, given the visual nature of the game, I'm surprised there hasn't been much hubbub about player desire to see the objectives and flags modelled. While Privateer Press has release resin molds of three of their scenario objective types, there are plenty more that need attention.

Sounds like a project.

So, I started with the Monolith objectives. You need two of them on 50mm bases. I took mine from my GW Hill of Skulls set. Visually, these guys are pretty plain, so I tried to spruce them up with some light and dark blue splatters and embellished the cracks with some extra paint work.

The rest of the objective models and flags are works in progress. Should finish them over the coming weeks.

These are the Guidon Bearers. I used mercenary 'jack Talon models. Their spear tips were clipped off and Reaper fantasy banners were pinned on. Just have base colors down on the 'jacks right now.

For the Artillery Emplacements, I'm just using Khador mortar models. Primed and inked at this point.

These are the Privateer Press models of the Fuel Cache, Explosives Cache and Restoration Cache objectives. I have them about 75% painted at this point.

Finally, the Steamroller 2012 scenarios require that you have four flags on 40mm bases. Instead of glueing a simple flag pole in some flat terrain, I decided to build up some rocky cairns and stick a small flag in the top of each. All that's left to do on these is get the flags that should go pretty fast at this point.

'Til next time!

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  1. These are really nice objective markers, especially the flag ones. Really cool.