Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tabletop World: Blacksmith's Forge

Two weeks ago I was procrastinating over my Fokker D.VII project. As I walked through the basement, I noticed that I had another Tabletop World building primed and ready to go...the Blacksmith's Forge. Hmmm, this should go pretty fast, I thought to myself.

Here's a shot of the pieces from the Tabletop World site. Intricate, but manageable. 

It did go together nicely. I'm glad I bore down and knocked it out.

The fit between the floors was a little more janky than the Watchtower model I did, but given the complexity of the architecture and the fine castings, any minor shortcomings are overshadowed by the end product.

The rear of the finished piece. I love the lines of this model. Everything looks like it sways slightly, and the chimneys look rickety and ready to fall over.

For this model, I decided to do the "extra bits" and get the furniture into the building. Here is the upper storey with bed and wash table...

...and dinner table with cheese and bread board.

The bottom floor holds the smithy's work area. There is some nice detail in here including the work bench and hanging tool board.

Assembled, the outer detail pieces include the anvil, stone bench and dog house (very cute).

And here we see it in scale with some Warmachine pieces.

I'm jazzed to do the whole Tabletop World village now...but of course, it's a long term project.

'Til next time.


  1. You seem to be really digging into the Tabletop World stuff (which isn't cheap if I recall!). Is it primarily for use in WM/HDs battles?

  2. Jarrett,
    Indeed it is. The scale is close...and the buildings have that cool fantasy vibe.

  3. Another beautiful model Kevin! I think I must start saving my pennies, as these kits would be fantastic for Mordheim!