Saturday, June 22, 2013

High Reclaimer vs Siege

Last Tuesday at the club, I had a Warmachine game with buddy Casper. He was after a 35 point game, which game me an opportunity to get away from eFeora. I was looking for something different, so took High Reclaimer out for a spin.

Here was the game set up...incursion scenario. I'm running Menoth on the left, Casper, who rolled for first player, is on the right.

Casper's opening lineup. He has Siege, Stormwall, Black 13th, Squire, the gobber, a unit of Rangers, Max, and the Trencher light artillery unit.

My lineup is High Reclaimer, Hierophant, Reckoner, Sanctifier, Devout, Choir, Bastions, Exemplars, Rhupert and Vilmon.

Cygnar turn 1. There were a couple of mistakes made in the game...starting with a Stormwall that ran and launched a pod. Not allowed. But I was happy it happened, since I'd use it later to start an Ashes to Ashes.

Menoth turn 1. Rhupert gives pathfinder to the Bastions. Everyone else runs up and the Reclaimer pops out a couple of ash clouds. These didn't matter worth a damn, since Siege has Mage Site. The flag at the far end of the board (my left flank) goes away.

Cygnar turn 2. Mage Site and Foxhole covers most of my important pieces. Siege feats to halve my armor. This could be a really nasty turn. Casper then hammers away at my Exemplars. He gets all of them save one. High Exemplar takes a number of hits as well, but fortunately Devout absorbs the first, biggest hit. The turn ends with my 'caster at 3 hit points.

Menoth turn 2. Bastions run out of the forest with pathfinder and lock down the Black 13th and a number of support pieces. Vilmon runs up to contest the near flag.

I have a play on Siege. My 'Jacks run up to clear away Rangers, the High Reclaimer moves up and casts Ashes to Ashes to get an attack roll on Siege. I deliver 10 hits. Reclaimer then feats, brings back 4 Exemplars who get up in Siege's grill. The book moves up and casts No Spells. Siege is in trouble.

Cygnar turn 3. Stormwall has to move up and sweep off all the Exemplars around Siege. Casper then had to make a decision...back up Siege out of the No Spells zone and try for another Foxhole/Mage Site combo on Reclaimer...or, Groundpound and hope to just do in Reclaimer with a ranged combat hit. He chose to Groundpound. Unfortunately, the Devout's Shield Guard works against this attack High Reclaimer was saved again. (We had to check the PP forums for this ruling.)

Menoth turn 3. We didn't play this turn out. Siege was exposed in front of two clean Menoth 'Jacks. Forgone conclusion.

Thanks for the game, Casper. I hate Siege with a tough with the Foxhole/Mage Sight/Feat combo.


  1. Great report. Beautiful paint jobs. Just one question though: Your photos clearly show your use of a full unit of Bastions but how did you get the math to work for 35 points?

    The list works with a min unit of Bastions, but not a full. The only reason I noticed is because I love Bastions and Vilmon, and I wanted write the list out for myself.

  2. Borglyn,

    Good point. I went back and looked at my list and realized I'd made a few mistakes with the list as I was rushing to put it together before the game. So, I've got some great advice...if you want to win...cheat. ;^)