Sunday, August 25, 2013

Damiano Tier 4 Project: Part 5

Time to figure out if this camo pattern is going to look any good. I pick a 'jack and apply the last layer of paint...Camo Dark Brown brown from Vallejo. This is the "branches" layer of the M81 Standard Pattern. I do this by brush, and am pretty happy with the result. I know I can now move on and finish off the rest of the 

A quick glance over at the masking tape garbage stack, and I see that several layers of masking has created the mother of all shrapnel piles.

Not-so-quick diversion. I'm itching to assemble the cavalry pieces for the Damiano tier list. So, these two units of heavy cav, plus Stannis Brocker go together pretty easily. The Cav pieces have lots of parts, but the fit is good and the modeller is allowed to apply a little variation to each figure. Nice. Stannis is actually the easiest model of this bunch to build. I also applied a little liquid green stuff to fill in joints, glued down the basing material...and good to go.

Despite the amount of metal to be painted on these figures, I opt for a white undercoat. I want all the infantry and cav in this army to be as bright as possible...given the camo greens and dark metal that will cover most of the pieces.

 Next up is a dark wash to pre-shade and settle into the recesses of the figures.

And that's where I got to this week.

'Til next time.

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