Monday, September 16, 2013

A Quick Terrain Project

So I'm playing in the local Machinations league, season 4. One of the ways to score league points is through building and painting for the hobby. I asked my LGS guy, Roy, if there was a terrain project I could do for him. He gave me a pre-cut wooden building kit that he got from a kickstarter and said I could paint it for him. No problem! Quick terrain project...let's go.

Here's everything I needed for the project. The wooden building kit. A cork base. Ballast and flock, some commercial hedge material...and plenty of white glue.

The building went together very quickly. Nice kit. Sorry...don't know the manufacturer. I glued the floor down to the cork tile.

With the walls up, I started into the scenic base. I spread around some white glue to take the ballast I was going to use as ground covering.

And smeared it around with some water.

Woodland Scenics fine ballast was next. Scattered it on and let the glue set.

After all the sand was down, I took the building downstairs to the airbrush station and just put a few basic colors down. Grey for the stone. Blue for the roof. Brown for the sand and doors. Here, you can see the model back upstairs and a line of glue put down for the first hedge.

All the hedge lengths went on...and when they were dry, I spread around some more glue and got some flock down for a patchy grass covering.

Finally, I painted a little detail around the doors and drybrushed the path to the main door. ...and done!

A quick little terrain project that I'll be dropping off at the LGS for use on Warmachine and Warhammer game tables.

'Til next time.