Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013, Year of the Man Cave

I havent posted for a couple of weeks, because a huge project here in the house has been drawing to a close. My wife, Kimberley, and I decided some months ago that a major home renovation was in order. We had an unfinished basement, and it was time to turn it into a finished basement. Besides the wine cellar and bathroom that would go in...I'd get a new game room...YES!

We engaged a contractor and framing started a couple of months ago.

Here was one corner of the basement that would turn into my new boardgame center.

Mmmm, framing and drilling...yay.

An early view of the new man cave.

Drywall appears!

The boardgame nook gets custom shelves.

Seen to the right is a custom shelving area where my Warmachine armies would eventually live.

 Reverse angle...lighting is in and working.

 Paint is up and under-padding for the carpet is in.

And now the carpet appears. Sweet.

 The boardgame nook is ready to be filled.

And now it is! Awesome. It felt great to unload all those cardboard boxes that had been sitting in the garage for the last few months.

I had a couple of new game tables commissioned. The 6'x4' is on the floor in the background here, waiting for its legs. However, the 8'x4' table is up...I couldn't be happier. I had it built to bar-top height, so it feels really big.

Looking back into the magazine corner.

The entranceway to the new man cave...

My Warmachine armies are now in their new shelves.

A view of the main part of the room.

And a close up of my WWI panes. Shelves also house several historical, fantasy and sci-fi armies.

And plenty of periodicals and game supplements...and game terrain.

Well, there it is...the last great project of 2013. Setting up the room has taken some time, as you can imagine. Can't wait to have my first game down there.

Happy Hew Year's Eve, everyone. Hope you had a great 2013.

'Til next time.


  1. Wow. Really nice space, and great finishes. I hope you have a lot of great gaming.

  2. So when am I coming over for a game?

  3. What a wonderful conclusion to the year Kevin. Looks fantastic. I see even the cats are enjoying it

  4. Nicely done! I very much like the built in book cases

  5. Thanks guys. It's been a very fun project to get underway and finally finish up.

  6. Wow. Green with envy. We don't have basements here in this part of Texas - it would be flooded most of the time, and our 'frost line' is the tips of the grass, most years.

    But this is a Man Cave of epic worthiness.

  7. Kevin, amazing work, by an amazing guy! Nicely done! The envy of the game world! :)

  8. I had to join your site and become a follower after reading about your man cave. Great stuff. Here is a link for my blog as well. Cheers for a great 2014. Hope to see you at GENCON. Maybe we could run a Man Cave Seminar or something.

  9. Wow! That's a nice man cave! That renovation project sure turned out great! I like the layout of the entire room and how everything seems to be organized. This definitely looks perfect for a guy's room! I look forward to how the entire basement would turn out!

    Charles Terry

  10. Kevin, my wife and I were wondering where you got the table?

    1. Moredeth, our general contractor is a carpenter by trade. So I commissioned the tables as custom items from him. Doing so was great because I drew up the plans for the tables and could get them built to exactly the size I wanted for miniatures games.

  11. I think that room is bigger than my house! Really nice. I currently have to use the dining room for my wargaming, which can be tricky on a Sunday :)