Friday, January 3, 2014

pSeverius vs eMorvahna

First game in the new man cave. Elliot came over for a 50-point Warmachine match.

The scenario is Outflank, with two 12" scoring zones as seen here.

Elliot brings an eMorvahna tier list to the table. Stalker, Gorax and Pureblood are in the battlegroup. In addition, he has Wolf Riders, Bloodtrackers, Ravagers and the appropriate solos. Bloodtrackers have prey on my Errants, while the Wolf Riders prey my 'caster.

I'm playing my pSeverius list again. Hierophant, Reckoner, Blessing of Vengeance and Reckoner in the battlegroup. The rest of the list is Avatar, Errants with UA and Seneschal, Wracks, two Vassals, Mechanic, Gorman and Choir.

Circle turn 1. Elliot has won the roll to go first. On my extreme left, he sends around the Wolf Riders. Ravagers enter the left (near) zone, while Bloodtrackers and the Pureblood head into the right (far) zone.

Menoth turn 1. Blessing and Avatar run up the center with the intention of swinging to the left zone.

On my right, Errants with Defenders Ward occupy a small piece a elevated terrain. With elevation and Defenders Ward, I hope to mitigate the effect of the Bloodtracker prey bonus. I kill a couple of Bloodtrackers.

Circle turn 2. Elliot makes a play to knock out Blessing, but after taking eight damage, I Enliven backwards out of danger.

Elliot's attack on my right is far more successful. eMorvahna purifies away Defender's Ward, and the Bloodtrackers have their way with the Errants. I loose seven of them. Ouch.

Elliot sends his Wolf Riders into my backfield.

Menoth turn 2. In the center I clear out all the Ravagers and toe Avatar into the left zone to prevent Elliot from scoring there.

On the right, I send up the Seneschal to contest the zone while pulling back the shattered remnants of my Errants.

I'm my backfield, Gorman puts up a smoke screen to stop the Wolf Riders from getting at Severius.

Circle turn 3. Here's where it all goes Elliot's way. His damage dice catch fire, and he exploits his opportunities perfectly. He starts with a last remaining Ravager charge on Avatar, dealing an amazing seven damage. I can Enliven deeper into the left zone (where his Stalker can scrap me), or pull over to the right, save the Avatar and get Gaze onto half his Bloodtracker unit. I opt for the later.

However, this pulls my axis of strength into the center of the board, essentially between the two zones. Elliot now feats with eMorvahna, bringing back 11 dead warriors. Essentially, he pins me into the middle of the board.

Screening the Avatar's Gaze with resurrected infantry, he frees up his Bloodtrackers to overwhelm the Seneschal, who was contesting the right zone. Ultimately, Elliot scores both zones.

Because my offensive power is pinned in the middle of the board by resurrected infantry, I have no hope of strongly contesting both zones again by the end of my next turn, I concede a scenario win to Elliot. Well played!

'Til next time.


  1. Nice batrep. I's always a pleasure to see fully panted armies on the table. Too bad my games aren's so full of eyecandy ;-)
    ...but I'm working on it! =)