Sunday, December 7, 2014

Three Random Figures

There are about 20 figures on the hobby table right now, all in various states of completion. These three (happily) came off the table today. Done! It's a weird mix of figures. I've got a Warmachine Man O' War test figure (trying out some weathered winter camo). Another test figure of a winged Lizardman from Reaper, and a Skaven hero figure from Games Workshop.

I've been watching a lot of weathering tutorial videos on YouTube recently. I thought I'd try out an extreme worn winter whitewash on a unit of Demolition Corps.

I like the way this test figure turned out. Even though it's white washed, it still fits in with my grey Khador army.

On the fantasy RPG side, I've had a soft spot for winged Lizardmen since playing D&D in high school. There was a Judges Guild module by Paul Jaquays (Caverns of Thracia) that had a race of flying Lizardmen in it's background history, and I played in a friend's game where the slavers were winged Lizardmen as well...if I remember right, they were called Krolli.

I wanted to get away from a green scheme, so I went nuts and tried out purple and blue. Turned out OK.

Finally, another Skaven figure. This time a hero cast in metal.

Lots of good detail in this sculpt, and fun to paint.

Well, that's what escaped the table this week. Coming up on Thursday I'm doing an airbrushing tutorial at the LGS. Wish me luck! We'll see how that goes.

'Til next time.


  1. Great painting on lovely figures. Very impressive.

  2. Very nicely done Kevin & hey I still have that Caverns of Thracia scenario someplace.

  3. I really like that winged lizardman!